New Masterbuilt 30" what to do with the old one?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by 72lemanscvbl, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. Hey, My old masterbuilt element died, didn't have a replaceable element according to Masterbuilt, so I ordered a new one with that does have a replaceable element and got it today.  I've got this old box now, with a working control panel that I figured I would save in case the new one ever went out, but is there any other use for this old unit?  Can they be converted or used with charcoal some how?  I thought it might be fun to try at some point.  Could I lay/pile charcoal on the bottom of the unit, or maybe place in some kind of ceramic bowl? 

    Going to get the new one seasoned tomorrow, and maybe do a rack this weekend.
  2. i asked the same thing last week, i was told the box wasn't meant for temps over 275, BUT i don't want to smoke over 225, AND whats the worst that could happen, its already broke!   I like your idea of some kind of ceramic to hold heat and concentrate the heat up....gotta be a way
  3. michael ark

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    Put a new 1200w element in it .
  4. tjohnson

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    You can buy aftermarket elements, if your element is really defective.

    My bet is the ends are corroded and the element is still good.

    Drill out the rivets on the back and check the connectors. 

    Replace connectors and reinstall the back with sheet metal screws.

    I own (2) of the newer style 40" MES Smokers, and had to replace the connectors on My MES 40" that was just a year old.  There is an inspection panel on the back, so the entire back panel does not have to be removed.  This made the the install of the new connectors very easy.


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