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Dec 18, 2006
The name is Drew, I'm originally from Michigan, and just relocated to The Denver/Aurora area.

My brother last year turned me on to Smoking meats, it all started with Ribs, using the McCormick Wet Rubs on the ribs. I know there is more to smoking meat then using that rub, and that's why I came here.

I've been broswing the forums for quite a while, and the wealth of knowledge and information is outstanding.

I'm hoping you all can help me take my smoking techniques to the next level. If it can be smoked I want to learn how.

Thanks Drew
Drew, welcome to the forum. Any questions you have, just ask and someone will answer them. What smoker are you using? Don't forget to drop a line with pics when you smoke.

Keep Smokin
I picked up A Great Outdoor Smoker from walmart.. I want to do a pork butt first.. Would would you recommendations be. I see alot of topics in regards to rubbing the meat first, until it reaches a internal temp of 170, then foil them, and continue smoking until like 195-200, take out and chill, and I'm following this correctly.
Is your GOSM a charcoal or gas type? Pork butt is a very good starter meat as it is a forgiving piece. Definitely use a rub, look around there are all types listed in the forum. Just pick one that is boasted as being good on pork. Some like to baste or spray the meat with apple juice or some other liquid of choice.

As for the temps.. you got it, some like to remove from smoker around 190º, I usually use 195º - 200º as a rule. Now on to the chill part.. don't chill it.. use a cooler that is lined in an old blanket, use old towels or what ever you can find (that won't put you in the dirty ol' dawg house) to insulate the meat to let it rest for an hour or two to redistribute the juices, then slice or pull and enjoy.. be prepared to accept great compliments.

Hope this helps

Welcome to SMF Drew!!! Be careful what ya wish for with that if it can be smoked, these guys will have you smoking all kinds of stuff you wouldn't think of.
Welcome to SMF Drew. Glad that you have found our wellspring of smoking knowledge. If you haven't already done so, please sign up for Tulsa Jeff's 5-day eCourse. There is a lot of great info there too.

Welcome welcome! Glad you are here. Check out the propane smoker section of the forum. There are a lot of tips and tricks for using your GOSM.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


Welcome to SMF. When I do a butt, I apply my rub, cover in plastic wrap and refrigerate over night. Throw it on the smoker and about 4 hours in I'll mop every hour and cook till it hits about 170 then I finish off in a preheated roaster pan with a lid, in the smoker, until it reaches 200 to 205. I pull and finish with Jeff's finishing sauce.
Welcome to the forums! These guys here are some of the most knowledgable and friendliest on the net.

Besides the great advice already given, I'd recommend you try to go easy on the smoke. I think that's the most common mistake that new people make. The butt will be on the cooker for a long time, so it's really easy to overpower it. When you've got thin blue smoke, that's when you've got it just right.

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