New Dyna-Glo vertical offset smoker

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by surgtech2006, Mar 22, 2015.

  1. rob sicc

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    I have been using Royal Oak Natural Wood Lump Charcoal.  I get them at Home Depot.

    I think I learned about it on this forum. Either way, mo complaints.  I also buy the wood chunks from Home Depot.  They have a reasonable selection of wood species.  

    I've used both in this smoker for 2 years.  
  2. mikethehammer

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    And it holds the heat? I'm not questioning u I'm new to this. In fact my smoker just got delivered and hour ago. I'm a newbie and just wanna learn as fast as I can. Thanks for the reply and your help.
  3. rob sicc

    rob sicc Smoking Fanatic Group Lead

  4. mikethehammer

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    What did u use to insulate it?
  5. mikethehammer

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    I was wondering the same thing. What do u guys think of just using sheet metal to wrap the smoker? That's what I'm looking to do mayb

  6. randomsteve

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    I want to thank everyone for their input on this smoker. I had many concerns and questions and I was able to get most of them answered by this form. I put together a couple videos on mine to help. Please note I am a novice / amature smoker and super excited to really expand my smoking abilities.


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  7. Anybody have info on this yet? Modding our smoker this weekend.
  8. deatony

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    I used 1200 degree firewall insulation from summit auto racing, used some sharp sheet metal shears to cut. Comes a roll 5 x20 measure each side and used the spray on adhesive and sprayed with the black high heat paint.
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  9. mikethehammer

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    Just a quick update on my smoker. A little over 2 hours putting together with my little helper and putting on new gaskets high temp sealant and adding 2 new gauges. More mods to come when I get time.
  10. mikethehammer

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    Shoot now I don't know why it won't let me post pictures
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  12. mikethehammer

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  13. rob sicc

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    I saw this and was thinking about it.  How is it?  Does if have a baffler of some kind where the firebox connects to the CC  inside the CC?
  14. mikethehammer

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    There is no baffle but I'm am going to add one. Got a piece of sheet metal from work but home depot has them also and ordered ceramic grill bricks from Amazon. I'm hoping 2m I can do the baffle and fire it up. I'm still didn't get the time.
  15. mikethehammer

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    Ok here are pics with no baffle and with baffle added.

    and these will be placed on lowest rack

  16. quinngarcia

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    First off I would like to thank every one here on this thread.  I am a certifiable Newbie in the realm of smoking meats.  I can grill properly with a propane grill or regular charcoal but this is something else completely.  I will share my thoughts and impressions, like everyone else, on this smoker. 

    I wanted to initially get the smoker that came combo with a propane grill, but they are not cheap items and after paying taxes, well you know.  So this was priced within budget from Amazon.  A pity they lowered the price after I bought it but whatever.  I did my research on sites like this and purchased the FDA class High Temp Silicon (Sil Bond), additional 3 inch thermometer, and Lavalock self adhesive gasket 15 ft at the same time on Amazon.  Like in previous posts I applied the gaskets to the doors to prevent leakage, the silicon on all potential gaps and folds, and drilled a hole slightly smaller than the thermometer clearance to have a tighter threading (applied the silicon to back of thermometer as well).  I want to put wheels but that's a project for another day.  Now for the seasoning.


    I initially applied a Minion method but I don't think I did it correctly.  I soaked the wood as so many sites/YouTube vids say, and included a water pan at the very bottom. I put wood on top and within layers of the surrounding coal.  About 6 pieces the size of baseballs and smaller. I experienced temperatures as high as 380 before it started to cool.  I adjusted the Firebox vents and smokestack vent but it was very slow to lower.  For example: 1140 AM it was 380 degrees F.  208 PM it was 283 degrees.  So you can see it's a wild ride.  I'm trying to get to 250 for a 12 hour brisket recipe (Franklins BBQ).  That was an epic fail. 

    I found the reply above (Thank you, Rootsman)  that clarified what I was doing wrong with Minion method.  Circle of coals with doughnut center of nothing.  Light 12 coals.  Once they are all grey, put it in middle of firebox in the center of coal doughnut.  Wait 10 minutes and close box with all vents open.  Put wood on the coals and let the smoking begin. Let it get to 250 or desired temp.  Here's what I think regulated the temp:  Put a water pan on lowest rack flush to right side (Firebox side).  I had mine at the very bottom and it really failed to lower temp to where I needed.  Now I am ready for Easter.  

    First Mission:

    I will update as the week goes by.  

  17. rob sicc

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    I've been using this smoker for 3 years now.  IT was such a great starter smoker.  Everything I learned regarding how to use it I learned here.  With that said, I have 1 great and very simple piece of advice for you.  I saw how you layered the charcoal in the fire box.  Here is my suggestion if you want to get some wood flavor into your cook.  simply put a few chunks of wood under the charcoal.  As the coals burn down they will burn the wood without creating a fire which is the biggest issue I've had with this smoker.  If fire occurs flames will flow through and burn what ever is on the bottom 3 shelves closest to the FB.  I get wood chunks at Home Depot.  They have a descent selection and they always have something.

    Just a friendly piece of advice that I was given here a ways back.  Good luck and let me know if you try it and how it turns out.
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    Just got the lavalock minion basket, fits perfect.
  19. quinngarcia

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    Looks cool. Let us know how it works out
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