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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by utah smoker, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. I ordered this cover from Amazon even though the given dimensions did not match my 2011 MES 40 that I purchased last weekend. Well the cover arrived today and I am impressed. It is very heavy and fits like a snug glove. There is no way this cover will blow off, line up the metal cover plate that is attached to the cover and slip it on. Ignore the dimensions given they are not accurate, order the large version for the MES 40. In my opinion it's a great value for $20.00




    Anyhow I thought I would share in case anyone was in the market for a new cover.
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  2. barnesski1

    barnesski1 Smoke Blower

    Thanks for the info...I haven't been able to find one to my liking.  I will try to order this tomorrow.  Thanks again!!
  3. barnesski1

    barnesski1 Smoke Blower

    Thanks again Utah Smoker...just ordered it! 
  4. barnesski1

    barnesski1 Smoke Blower

    Amazon says they have nine left.
  5. Happy to help, I figured if it didn't fit I could easily send it back. I think you will be impressed, the packaging is pretty funny. It says on the box, "The First Manly Smoker Cover" and it has a picture of what looks to be an MES40 right below that. Once you get it let me know what you think. I love Jackson Hole, my sister in law lives in Victor.
  6. bobbygee

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    Thanx for the info.I had a cheapo black one that needed replacing. Amazon is down to 7 left...
  7. markk

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    Utah Smoker,

    Thanks for the info. I have been trying to find a quality cover for my MES 40 for a while. I just ordered it.

    Thanks again.
  8. jzampier

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    Thank you sir.  Just purchased an new opened package for $13 + shipping. 
  9. Any feedback from those of you who have received your cover? Curious if you were as impressed with it as I was.
  10. barnesski1

    barnesski1 Smoke Blower

    Strange how they don't seem to be affiliated with Masterbuilt, but yet a picture of a MES 40 on the packaging!?  Great fit, I'm thinking somebody forgot to package them together!!  Canvas and seams on mine seem to be good.  Thanks Utah Smoker! 
  11. I just put in an order for one, thanks! They only had two left when I put mine in.

    I wonder who the referrer was? I googled it, and came up with someone that had a bunch of links to anime videos on a Youtube video.
  12. Oh great went and ordered looks like the last one. Thanks for the heads up.

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  13. My order is sitting at "not yet shipped". I just saw that there's one available from Amazon itself - one of ya'll back out?
  14. I signed up for the trial of amazon prime to get the free shipping. Should have mine by Friday.

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  15. Does anyone that has bought this cover, have the MES40 from Sams? The model Sams is selling (20070211) has the rear handle attached. Wondering if this cover would fit that model
  16. Yes I have the same model from Sam's and it fits like a glove. Highly recommend this cover.
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  17. chiefwej

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    Since I keep my MES 40 on one of the chrome carts from Sam's, I just removed that back handle and the cover is much easier to get on and off. But even with the handle it stil fits well, just a little tighter going on.

  18. red dog

    red dog Smoking Fanatic

    That looks dandy! Way sturdier looking then the Masterbuilt cover which I am pretty disapointed in. Is it waterproof?
  19. big lew bbq

    big lew bbq Meat Mopper

    Thanks for the post I am going to look into thus cover. The masterbuilt one is not very durable or water resistant.

    Big Lew BBQ
  20. chiefwej

    chiefwej Smoke Blower

    It's a canvas outside with a waterproof inner liner.

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