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Jan 30, 2014
Hey guys - first off great community!

So when the weather gets a little warmer out I plan on starting a cedar smokehouse build. I want this to be a cold smoker. The problem I have is I am not sure I want to make something as permanent as some of the builds folks on here have done. By that I mean I don't mind moving around the cedar smokehouse part bu the firebox and pipe could be a pain. So my question is this - I am looking at that ANTS and I am unsure on how well pellets work. Do you really get as good a flavor from pellets as you do from green or dried wood? If there is going to be a big difference I will suck it up and build something a little more perm.

thanks in advance for the great site and info on my questions.

Erik, morning and welcome..... If you are cold smoking, you don't need to have a smoker that gets above 70 degrees... small electric heater and the AMNPS or AMNTS.... for when it's cold out ..... skip the heater when it gets warmer.... No fires, no smoke stack... build it board and batten, or tongue and groove and you don't need air inlets or stacks.... 2' x 2' x 6' is a moderate size cold smoker.... light and easy to move...
Then if you want some of the meat cooked, throw it in the kitchen oven and cook it.. or steam it.... or in the case of some sausage, in a pot of 170 degree water until it's cooked...

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Thanks for the response Dave. I know its a lot of personal preference I was just trying to find out if most folks were good with pellets for flavor or if it was not as good I would have figured out a semi temp way to cold smoke but still use logs. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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