New Addition in the Garage

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Smoking Fanatic
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Jan 18, 2019
Hartford. S/W Michigan
2 & 1/2 years ago I bought my 1st PB820D. Since then I have added a 20# hopper, cold smoke box and a Grilla Grill Alpha Dual Smoke controller, Yesterday I found an 820D on FB Market Place for $200 and I jumped on it. Took 2 hrs of deep cleaning to remove all signs of Traeger dust but it tested OK later. Think I'll leave the stock controller in it for now and pull a side by side burn to check differences in the food. Guess I'll do two Butts just so I can season the heat deflector, he was a tin-foil man. Gotta find my ole PDF file to remind me how to use the stock controller. I'm running out of room in my garage. A deacon for the church wants for rib cook for the congregation, this addition will make it easier to help out.
Congratulations on the addition! Nice to see you already have a use for it.. most of us just add out of want!
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