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Discussion in 'Beef' started by jipnsmoke, Dec 29, 2007.

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    I'm new to smoking and need some help here. I have a good rub I use when I grilled my London Broil. Should be ok for my new smoker? But what temp is best for smoking and what temp to take it out? Wrap? I've read low and slow. Any suggestions welcom.
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    Something I have not done in a while. Sounds good though. Smoking temps should be the normal as you already stated low and slow, 225-250.
    What temp to pull it depends on how well done you want it. 150* internal temp should be about medium done so go from there. A little more if you like it med. well or less if you want med. rare.(this is the way I would go).
    Now when you talk about wrap? I am not sure what you are meaning. Wrap with bacon or wrap with foil. Bacon is up to you. Foil I would say yes to and let it rest a while before digging in.
    Goodluck and hope I have helped you at least a little.
  3. richtee

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    DS gave some good advice there. Perhaps foil at 10-15° less than your finish temp, 120 for a 130-135 final med-rare. Then pull at temp and let rest in foil for 15 min. there will be juice inside the foil that will re-distribute into the meat during the rest.

    Then, after carefully removing meat, pour off any juice left into sauce pan and rinse foil with hot water into pan to remove fond. Make a quick kettle style gravy for the topping off of the broils..Add beef stock or bullion if not enough quantity for a few tablespoons of gravy for each broil.

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  5. jipnsmoke

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    Thanks all I'll put some pictures on later and how everything went.
  6. jipnsmoke

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    Ok started out with the rub I use when I grill these bad boys.

    Next I have the smoker up to temp and smoke starting time to put in.[​IMG]

    Cooked and smoked after 2 hours no more smoke, Figured this was ok séance i was using apple and mesquite wood mixed. Meat temp. reached 140 and took out and raped in foil. Put broils back into smoker with heat as low as it would go to give wife a chance to fix the fries. Was scared of over cooking. OK its time to take them in and let rest for 15 minuets. Ok cut them up. [​IMG]

    They looked like they were not cooked all the way. Use to looking at grilled meat I guess. They were medium to well done. WOW tender and juicy.. Yes... Now the bad, The rube I used was overpowering with the good smoke flavor. On these I think less to no rub may work??? Learn as I go along. Thanks to everyone who helped me.
    Monday fingers crossed I will try to do some good ribs. Help in this area. What's a good rub for PORK back ribs??
  7. seaham358

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    Nice smoke... That looks real gooooooodddd

    For ribs I use Durkees Chicken / Rib rub... Some real good stuff..

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