Need Some Turkey Advice / Help!!!!

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by 3 j's b smokin, Nov 7, 2011.

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    I've been asked to cook the Thanksgiving turkeys this year and I've never actually smoked a turkey before so I'm a little nervous and want to get some advice from you guys.  I'm already planning to brine them the day before but could really use some help on the following.
    1. Do you guys have any suggestions for a rub?
    2. Should I stuff it with onions, apples and celery?
    3. I've been doing a lot of research and it looks like some people cook around 225 and the turkeys are done in 4 to 5 hours but I've also seen some people cooking at 325 and the turkeys are done closer to 3 hours.  Anyone have any advice on which one would be better?
    I've cooked a lot of briskets, chickens and ribs and am very comfortable with my pit and the temps it cooks at but like I said, I've never cooked a turkey and I don't want to screw this up since we're going to have 40 people eating it.  Thanks in advance for the tips, suggestions and help and can't wait to see what everyone says.
  2. tlcase

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    As you can tell from my recent MES Whole Turkey thread, I set my Digital MES30 to 250 and my bird was done in exactly 4 hours. I don't believe you want to stuff a bird that large and then smoke it. Make a pan of stuffing and throw it on your top rack if you want it smoked. I liked the slaughterhouse brine and Tony Cachere's creole seasoning combo but if you are going for a more traditional tasting bird maybe someone else has an idea.....
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         BTW... Multiple14-16lb Bird are better and Safer than 1... 26-30lb Gobble Monster!
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    We all have our own way of smoking a turkey.

    Personally we always do a beer can turkey. You have to get one of those big wide beer cans like Foster's.

    Brine it, inject it with chicken broth & melted butter.

    Coat it with olive oil & dust it with Montreal chicken seasoning. I also put some MCS in the beer.

    This year I still want to try a turducken, but just in case it doesn't turn out I may make a second beer can turkey.

    Like Jimmy says you can do low & slow or hot & fast. If you choose hot & fast, which is what we do (300-325), put the turkey in a pan on the beer can with a can of chicken broth in the pan & baste the turkey every hour or so with the juices in the pan.

    Good luck & keep your camera handy!
  5. raptor700

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      I use Tips brine and smoke @ 250º.

    I will be smoking and (posting) some birds over the holidays; As well as several other members.

    You will get some great tips and info from each one..............I love TD [​IMG]
  6. oldschoolbbq

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    Thanks JJ, you nailed it...also, first Turkey; don't do any fancy injections or odd preps. Prep. as JJ says ans if you can't find the Bell's Seasoning; Try Montreal Season in the Market.

    Have a great time, and...

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