Need replacement racks for MB 30 inch

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by muttt, Jun 16, 2015.

  1. muttt

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    I have a masterbuilt 30 inch smoker with the top controller (older model) that I got from a friend.  The inside of the smoker is imcaulate and everything works great.  But, the bottom grease pan is missing (figured I just use a cookie sheet for that in the mean time.  And the meat racks have gotten rusty and need to be replaced. 

    But ..... I can't seem to find anyone that has the meat racks or the drip pan for sale. 

    Anyone know of a good place to by replacement meat racks or the drip pan for a reasonable price.

    Better yet.  Anyone have those parts at home but their smoker doesn't work any more. 

    Let me know

  2. sb59

    sb59 Smoking Fanatic

    I use a disposible aluminum pan for drips. For the racks just clean em up with a wire brush then get some cheap racks to actually hold your food & place on top. I like this style with the smaller grids for jerky.    

    Then when one batch is done you pull em out and load the next batch, racks & all.
  3. amlong88

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    Call Masterbuilt give then the model number of your smoker and let them know what parts you need. As for the racks, you can get those from Cabela's 2 for $20.
  4. muttt

    muttt Newbie

    I called master built.  ..... talked to a really nice lady.  got all four new racks, new water pan and new grease pan for 37 bucks.  Can't go wrong there.  Should be here Monday. 

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