Need new Electric Smoker ideas after defective 40" MES

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by smokeshowingbbq, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. So moving forward from my prior post in which my new 40" MES gen 2 is producing a strong electrical odor smell after only one non cooking use. I'm looking for recommendations for other elec smokers. 30 or 40" is fine size doesnt matter as long as I can get one rack of ribs length wise in it which I do on my 18.5 wsm.  

    Do I take my chances with another MES maybe a 30"  or do I go to another brand and if so what other brands come recommended. Need to make a move either way.   I have a weber master touch gbs kettle, 18.5 weber smokey mountain and a wber propane 3 burner grill so I could nix the electric which was for ease of use on days my bad back is killing me. 
  2. icyhot

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    Look at the smokin it smokers. Can't beat them for the money
  3. walta

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    Smokin-it is the one I was look at buying to replace my MES. I have not seen reported failure on this form. Please understand how many do they sell one for every thousand MESs?

    But it is a lot more money and you will not find it in your local big box store.

  4. icyhot

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    No but I've know people who have had them for years with no trouble do a search on here for smokin it smokers and you will find all the info u need. It will be my next electric smoker for sure.
  5. The smokin it's do look very nice but big jump in price point for them but all stainless is nice.  Still open for other options too thanks for sharing 
  6. old sarge

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    First off, did you season your MES and burn off any residual manufacturing solvents and oils?  I am sure the Masterbuilt will will honor their warranty. Now on to the question about another brand of smoker.

    The big three electric smokers that are all stainless steel inside and out are the Smokin-it, SmokinTex, and Cookshack, listed in order of low to high cost. No windows or gaskets; no need to continuously load wood chips ( a couple of ounces of chunks at the beginning of a smoke and your are done). The SI line do cost more than the Masterbuilt or any of the big box store smoker.  But the quality and warranty is phenomenal.  You can spend more, but not get more. I own the SI 3D as well as the Cookshack 066 (going on 4 years). The SI is every bit as good as the CS for a fraction of the cost. One can't have too much cooking gear. So do yourself a favor and look into the SI units.  Buying an Si is more of an investment rather than a purchase. 
  7. Yep I did the burn in and now the thing stinks of electrical being a electrician and a former fire dept Lieutenant/firefighter I can assure you its to strong of a smell to be right. But with my health of a majorly shot back I'm not playing the open it up replace splices game etc not for 300$ either.  Shouldn't have too imo. 

    I've been looking at the ones you mentioned in the last hour or so they do look pretty nicely built will do somemore research and hope they take this one back with no issues.  thanks for the info :)
  8. dr k

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    Lowe's customer service over the phone will probably tell you to bring it back. Especially if they can smell what you do, see it hasn't been used and that it's within the manufacturers warranty and you just assembled it. Let them know it's winter still and you don't smoke in the winter. I brought back an eleven month old dehumidifier to Menards that failed and they accept products back with a receipt for the duration of the manufacturers warranty.
  9. cmayna

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    Agree with Kurt.  Give Lowes a chance to make it good.   If you strike out with them,  hard wire the heating element to an PID? bypassing the controller? 
  10. UPDATE:

    I returned it to lowes no issues today, legally per their receipt they had to take it back as it was with in 90 days which i had to point out to the org girl.  I had the upc that I cut off the box prior to trashing the box and that is also what saved me as they were able to put said unit to their store since multiple stores carry the same models.  They took a few people to look it over and agreed to a full cash refund.  Its one reason I like lowes over Home Depot they tend to have great customer service in store.   Thinking for the moment i'll just stick with my Weber Smokey Mountain, Weber master Touch GBS kettle and my Weber Propane 3 burner. Gottta love it my AM Maybe start putting away for a higher end electric down the line. Good thing my 40" cover and amaze pellerts arrived this weekend and my AMNPS is due to arrive today.  Guess i'll hold onto them for the gasser or  to do real controlled smokes in the kettle / smokey mountain. 
  11. cmayna

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    Keep an eye out on Craigslist for a MES40 Gen1.  You can find great deals on them.
  12. Will do, I'm also considering a propane MB smoker. I only bought the elect for days i didnt feel like having to tend to the stick/coal burners since my backs shot.  Propane prob would just as easy as the electric.  Time shall tell for now at least the webers stopped giving me the stink eye since the MES is gone :)

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