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    Good morning All

    My work is having rib competition and best dish. My ribs I have down and I think I can win with them but best dish not sure what I plan to make. I want blow there socks off! Hoping you guys could give me some ideas or even killer recipe
  2. If your talking a side dish, why not try a 3 meat Jambalaya ( smoked andouille sausage, pork and chicken) I always have it as a side at my BBQ's and everybody loves it.
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    That's a good one! I've never made jambalaya. Is that tough to make and at all possible do you have recipe you would be willing give out
  4. Fletcher.

    Here's a You Tube vid  to give you the basics,(it's 2 parts) It's pretty good and I pretty much use his recipe with a few of my own modifications. Jambalaya is best if made in a cast iron pot. I have a 4 gal cast iron jambalaya pot I got on Amazon a few years back but a cast dutch oven pot works just as well only smaller. I use a small boat paddle to do the stirring. LOL .It's really fun to make and everybody loves watching me make it.

    When I do BBQ for friends and family, I set the jambalaya out while the meat is finishing up and everybody loads up on it while the Q is resting. Kinda like an appetizer. Doing this also helps me cut down on the amount of $$ meat $$ my free loading  family and  friends consume. LOL!!!!!

    Let me know if you want me to post the recipe I normally use and some tips.

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    Smoked Mac & Cheese

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    Not fancy, but it's hard to beat good old smoked Mac and cheese. Especially when it includes some tasty rib meat!
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    I would agree with the smoked mac and cheese ideas, but the jambalaya has me interested also!
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    Mike if you would that would be great! I think I might go with the jambalaya. The smoked mac and cheese does sound good too
  9. I pretty much follow Todd’s recipe in the videos, but I leave out the mushrooms (yuk) but do use a medium can of condensed cream of mushroom soup. My measurement are never exact and it always comes out great.  I normally do what I call a 2,3 or 4 lb

    jambalaya meaning I’ll use 2,3 or 4lbs.(+/-) of each of the meats ,rice and onions.

    Here’s what I use.

    Smoked Andouille or any good smoked sausage. (I make my own Andouille just for my jambalaya and crawfish boils)

    Pork butt or any good pork meat. 

    Chicken (I use boneless breasts)

    Chopped onions . I’ll add some chopped celery and chopped up green peppers.(maybe a hand full of each.)

    Rice ( use a good par boiled or converted rice like Uncle Ben’s or Zatteran’s  as it cooks and gets softer much quicker than raw rice. Nothing worse than crunchy rice LOL.

    3 1/2 cups of chicken stock per pound of rice.

    1 med/lg can of condensed cream of mushroom  soup.

    1/3  Can +/- of Rotel per 1 lb of rice.  ( go easy on the Rotel as this stuff puts the heat/kick in it.)

    Some Louisiana or Jacks hot sauce ( to taste) Maybe 1-2 tablespoons.

    Some Worchester sauce   (to taste) maybe 2-3 tablespoons.

    1/2-1 table spoon minced garlic.

    Just some fine points:

    I cut all the meat and onions/vegs the night before.

    I like to cut the Andouille and pork into smaller pcs, as I like to get a lot of meat in every spoon full when eating. I’ll cut the chicken into larger maybe 3/4”psc. as it tends to break down when browning.  I season the pork and chicken real heavy with Jeff’s rub, bag separately and refrigerate over night. I don’t add too much rub to the Andouille as mine is already pretty spicy to begin with. I’ll even throw in some rub when cooking the onions.  

    Start browning the pork first in the bacon fat on high heat, then add the sausage. Brown/cook both  real good as they will re-hydrate when you add the chicken stock, then add the chicken last to brown. 

    That’s about all I can add to Todd’s video which is pretty good.  I don’t think there is a wrong way to make jambalaya. It’s kinda of a personal thing, just use ingredients to your liking. Good luck and I’m sure you’re really going to like it. It’s a main stay here, I probably make it once a month.
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