Need help with some “not” dogs.

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Meat Mopper
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Nov 23, 2020
No, not the meatless things.

My wife likes hot dogs, but I don’t. 90% of it is a texture thing for me, but maybe 10% is taste.

Thinking I can start with a hot dog recipe, but just fine grind and not emulsify, but would also like the flavor maybe slightly more “sausag-y”(?).

Grasping at straws. Ideas?


lots of folks only grind twice, once through 1/4” plate par freeze then back through the 1/8” plate. The texture to me is a little more like sausage. I emulsify through a Champion juicer, but nothing wrong with just a 1/8” final grind.
I grind all my pork and venison fresh through a 4.5 one pass and then freeze it in 1 and 2# packages, when its time to make sausage I have my meat ready for most of what I make. Bologna and Hot Dogs are the exception, as those meats are thawing I will catch them about day 2 of the thaw and bricks of meat kind of crumble apart, but they are very much still partially frozen, and then I run that through a #3 (1/8") plate. It doesnt seem like much of a step down in plate size, but in the final texture it really made a huge difference.
I’ll have to try that recipe jdixon. Surprised to see no mace. That seems to be a classic hot dog spice.

Thanks for the input.

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