need help Smoking a Roast

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Mar 23, 2006
New Matamoras, Ohio
Hi everyone as usual I am asking for help and inow I'll get it on this forum. I smoking a pork shoulder this weekend and thanks to all that gave me advice on that. But I decided to smoke a sirlon roast. this cut of meat has a fat layer on the bottom but very lean every where else. I thought about putting some bacon around the roast with tooth picks to hold it and then smoking it. I am asking for some idea's from everyone. I don't know should I use hickory or miseike or another type of wood chips. I smoke with cowbot charcoal and put chunks of wood on every hour when i smoke. And should I brine or marinate this cut of meat. So ant advice would be helpful. Sorry about the spelling all. i just can't spell worth a hoot. Have a geart even all and thanks for all the advice I get from you all.

smokingjake (Jake)
Jake, I think your on the right track. Using something like bacon or even suet (beef fat that you can usually get at a butchers or meat processors) will help keep the meat moist, make sure and put the roast fat side down when smoking. We do alot of deer roasts which are very lean and I usually toothpick bacon to it after rubbing or once I even cut shallow slits into the meat, stuffed with bacon and then rubbed it to form a bark that held everything in. I wouldn't worry with brining, but definatly rub the roast down the night before smoking to let it marinate. As far as wood goes, use whatever you have on hand. We use a blen of oak and hickory but mesquite would work just as well. If you like the sirloin roast you should try a chuck roast in the future, you won't need to worry with the bacon as it's very marbled and they come out very tasty! Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
Jake, I buy cheap bacon the kind that is mostly fat for covering the lean cuts of meat when I smoke them, just make sure you rub the roast good with your favorite rub the night before.

Thanks markeli about how long does a 8 punder take and the temps. i am going to have a port shoulder with it, and some ABT's and beans under the fat drain hole to get some of the grease but not to much for flavoring. A friend of mine told me tat trick. Once again thanks. I have never had a bad smoke and i have smoked I think around 5 - 6 of them knocking on wood. So I hope this will turn out ok. Take care

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