Need help identifying a wood.

Discussion in 'Woods for Smoking' started by tf bbq, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. tf bbq

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    I found what appeared to be a down hickory tree near my house. So I went and got my saw and came back. When I got there I got a chance to look closely at the leaves. They are really dry and shrivled. They look like maple leaves but I don't think there are that many maple trees in Arkansas.

    Anybody know of any leaves that may resemble maple? I have been Googling images of hickory bark and maple bark. There are not a whole lot of degrees of separation between them.

    What ever it is does a heck of a job on hamburgers. I decided to try it on some meat had to cook anyway. I will try it on something else now.
  2. white cloud

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    sweet gum maybe tulip poplar need photo
  3. tf bbq

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    Looks like sweet gum is the most probable answer. I just looked up the leaves. I will find my camera and post a picture of the bark and wood. I will try and get a picture of a leaf. They are quite shrivled.

    Anybody ever smoked with sweet gum? It did a good job on burgers. I am trying it on yard bird (chicken) now.
  4. tf bbq

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    Here is the image of the wood and bark. Full size image if you need to blow it up.

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