Need help deciding on a new MES 30"

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by ljb jr, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. chlobo

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    Did you have to ask something specific to get the discount?  They told me they had those units but weren't aware of any special.
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  2. wayoung

    wayoung Fire Starter

    Have you received a shipping notice yet? I was to get one yesterday but it hasn't came through.
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  3. wayoung

    wayoung Fire Starter

    I didn't request any discounts, just said I heard they were selling some Gen 2.5's direct and was wondering if that was true. They said yup, $160 usd plus shipping and cutoms.
  4. brianltren

    brianltren Newbie

    I have not. I think I'll give them a call today and see what's up.
  5. eatlarge

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    I have the Mod. 20070910 and am very pleased with it. Done many of great smokes both hot and cold with it. Recommend the AMNPS to marry up with it.  
  6. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Yup---That's always been a good one!!  Gen #1.

  7. wayoung

    wayoung Fire Starter

    Still no tracking on my end, but the charge is on my credit card.
  8. Finally got my new mes30 set up and amazen tray and currently seasoning, with plans to do chicken and St. Louis ribs tomorrow. Amazen lit with a butane torch and burned for 5-10 minutes and on the lowest rack.

    The smoke has slowed a bit since this pic but looks like he ideal amount.

    I placed the meat probe about an inch above the 2nd rack from the top. It's pretty close to the internal temp reading and both +/- 5 degrees from the 275 it's set at.

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  9. brianltren

    brianltren Newbie

    Finally got around to calling and they said it's scheduled to be delivered today. Never did receive an email or anything.
  10. wayoung

    wayoung Fire Starter

    Lucky you, enjoy your meat filled weekend! I sent an email this morning requesting an update.
  11. wayoung

    wayoung Fire Starter

    Wow, I can't believe it, it showed up today. That's the fastest I've ever had anything sent cross border. No brokerage fees or additional taxes. Total cost was $294 CAD ($231 USD). Total savings of $160 vs buying in store.
  12. mikecam

    mikecam Newbie

    Fedex sends a bill around 3 weeks later. $10 brokerage fee and taxes. I order RC parts from the US and it's the norm.

    I got a surprise too today. Opened my front door and there sitting on my steps is my smoker. Masterbuilt shipped it to the billing address instead of the shipping address. I have a trip to the US coming up and would have had $800 CAN duty and tax free to bring my smoker back. Now I will get charged from Fedex the $10 fee and 13% (MB) on $290 CAN about $40. 

     So a $50 mistake. Called Masterbuilt to just tell them to watch the labels when shipping. With getting the smoker a week early and getting such a good deal I was not going to worry about the extra cost. Would you believe they apologized and said to send them the extra charges when they come in in the mail and they will refund me the difference.

    Wow what great customer service. 
  13. wayoung

    wayoung Fire Starter

    Why would their be HST charges on the value? My (limited) understanding and experience is that custom duties are all that would be charged. I've never had HST added to US purchases before.

    Adding HST would make this not nearly as good a deal but still slightly cheaper than best case scenario here, with a better model (RF instead of Bluetooth) and some surprisingly free accessories.
  14. mikecam

    mikecam Newbie

    Government always gets their taxes. lol 

    NAFTA (free trade deal) says anything made in MEX, USA, CAN will not have duty. Our smoker is made in China. Most of my orders to the US are for RC stuff. No duty on toys. :) 

    I always get charged taxes. 

    I hope I'm wrong, will find out. I always send stuff to the border to save the taxes. Border for me is 50 minutes away. Don't ever have UPS ship to you from the US, brokerage fee would have been over $100.

    Looks like 8% duty on BBQ and then your home province taxes.
  15. wayoung

    wayoung Fire Starter

    OK then. If guess we will wait and see what the final bill will be. The other stuff I've had over the border went through Canada post so they charged me when they dropped it off, I just assumed it would be the same with Fedex.

    I'm about 45 from the border as well. I've used the Kinek service a couple times but in this case the savings just weren't worth it as I've no overnight trips planned in the near future.
  16. mikecam

    mikecam Newbie

    The Cabela's here sells the Ver. 2.0 for $600 CAN.  It's still a great deal. :) 
  17. wayoung

    wayoung Fire Starter

    Home depot sells the 30" 2.5 with leg kit for $400. They just added yesterday the 30" 2.5 with no leg kit for $330. They are limited quantities, in store only no shipping to store, and not going on sale anytime soon. So, yeah, even if they do charge HST it's ok:). Plus, no RF remote just Bluetooth and no accessories, not that I care about the gloves or book but the cover is nice , if thin.
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  18. wayoung

    wayoung Fire Starter

    So after seasoning it I threw in some pork chops and a couple sausages - couldn't resist the urge. The chops weren't brined and everything cooked too fast so the smoke flavour was pretty light but everything seemed to work ok. I'm surprised that the remote doesn't update unless you hit a button. I used the meat probe and a wired probe and both were exactly the same so the meat probe seems to be perfectly fine despite a lot of concern I've seen on the boards. I'm gonna do a bunch of burgers on Sunday.
  19. Mine came Thursday. I had it delivered to work, but life happened and it's still sitting there, unopened. On wednesday I ordered Pellets from Todd. They arrived today!! Wow that was alot faster than I could have hoped. Hopefully I will get it seasoned and smoking this weekend. I can't wait.
  20. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    It's not really that the Meat Probes in the MES units are all wrong, it's just that there really isn't a good way to test them for accuracy. I would never trust mine.


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