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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by vids, Dec 3, 2013.

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    Hi all - I'm sure this has been asked a million times, but please give me some recommendations on electric smokers.  I mostly make sausage from wild game, so for starters I want a smoker that will work well for smoking at lower (130-170 deg) range and one that has hooks to hang sausages.  Looking to stay under $400.

    I think I've got it narrowed down to a MES 40", one of the Bradleys, or a Cajun Injector.  I'm not a huge fan of the Bradley chip system, but I've heard good things about the brand in general.  The MES 40 seems good but it sounds like people have trouble creating smoke at lower temps.  And finally, the Cajun Injector I saw at Cabela's seems like it has the features I want but I know nothing about how it performs.

    Please give me some input and help me narrow it down to just one.  The wife is planning to get me one for Christmas and I've got a freezer full of elk sausage that just needs to be stuffed and smoked!  Thanks for your help!!
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    So I have eliminated the Cajun Injector, it just doesn't seem to have as good of reviews vs the MES 40 and Bradley.  So I am now down to either the MES 40 or the Bradley Digital 4 or 6 rack.  Could anyone give me some feedback on which might be better for sausage making?  Sounds like Bradleys come with the cold smoking device already attached while I'd have to buy an AMNPS for the MES 40.  Are there any other differences, such as one of them comes with a cover and the other doesn't?  Would they both come with sausage hanging racks?

    Also, regarding the MES40 and the issues they have had with the newer ones.  Do they still sell the Gen 1 model?  When I look on amazon I can't tell the difference but it appears there is a price gap as some sell for $300 and some sell for $500.  Is there a product number I should be looking for?  Have they solved any of the issues with the newer model?

    Any feedback is appreciated, thanks!
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    Just curious, why am I not getting any responses?  Two of the most popular electric smokers on the market and no one has an opinion?  I would really appreciate feedback as I need to make a decision soon.  Thanks!!
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    Vids, some of the electric owners may just not be around right now.  I'm sure once they get a hold of this thread, they'll chime in.  I wish I could help, but I'm a stickburner only.  Have you done any searches on the Search bar above, I'm sure there are any number of threads concerning your decision.  Also, thumb through the Recent Reviews and see if any of the smokers have been reviewed.

    Hope this bump will get you noticed and happy smoking! 
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    Thanks for the reply.  Yeah, I've done thread searches and looked through the reviews but I never found any information specific enough to tell me which smoker is the best for sausages.  I narrowed it down to these two by all of that research, I just need to hear from smokers who do a lot of sausage to hear their experiences with these models.  I also need to figure out how to tell the difference between a Gen 1 and Gen 2 MES.
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    I've done a good bit of research on current electric models.  There is some good information on several models at this electric smoker review website.
  7. Vids, if you are worried about not enough smoke, take a look at Todd's site A-Maze-N Products. He sells smoke generators that may of the guys use. I have two of his tube smokers, a 6" and a 12" and love them both. I have gotten about 5 hours of smoke out of the 12" one. 

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    Some folks are having a heck of a time keeping the AMAZON products lit in the MES Gen 2 models. Beware.
    Academy sells the gen 1 the last I knew. Its the way you want to go. The gen 2 has problems. Might want to consider the Smoking It line of electrics, also.
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  9. I am currently researching what smoker I would like to purchase as well.  I researched the 3 you mentioned, and liked the MES 40 best.  Just a heads up, there is a MES 40 Gen 1 on ebay right now.  Small dent in door.  New with box.  I believe $279 with free ship.

    Think I'm gonna pop for a smokin tex, most likely.  More than I want to spend, but after I use it for a while I hope the pain in my wallet fades.

    Hope I could help.
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    If you're looking for consistent  smoke at lower temps. no matter which model you choose with possibly the Bradley as the exception you will need some sort of smoke generator besides the heating system that comes installed in the smoker. Most of the elecs. are designed for hot smoking.
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