Need advice on building the Garnish of a KCBS box

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Nov 18, 2010
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Hey Everyone,

Call me last minute but i have a question about how much lettuce and parsley i might need to build 4 KCBS boxes. I'm competing in the Lakeland Pigfest and its not a normal FBA (Florida) event but a KCBS. So needless to say i've never had to build a box like this. 

I was originally going to get some Kale and throw in there and call it a day, but i inquired about that yesterday and was told i would be given a 1 for appearance. ARGH! 

Only Green Lettucs and Curley Leaf Parsley. I started doing some reason and its quite a process to build one of these boxes!

So my question is...How many bunches of Parsley should i anticipate buying to build 4 boxes, or how much per box. It looks like alot. Waste of good herbs if you ask me :)

Any help/advice would be much appreciated. 
From the ones I have seen build it looks like they buy alot and only use the good pieces. But I have never done it so dont have any great advise.

I hope someone else can chime in.
Hi Doug, Thanks for the time you gave us at Lakeland. Enjoyed the soup, ribs and pig shots.

This does not answer your question and its not in a timely manor, but hope you find it an interesting read. All comments are from KCBS judges on different "pictures" of boxes submitted for opinions.
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Hey Jim! Thanks for this link i'm going to be looking through allof these pictures! ha.

It was really great meeting you as well and thanks for coming out! Glad you liked the food. Sorry I didnt have a whole lot of time to chat but it was starting to get to crunch time for competition turn in's and that is always a stressful time.

I think we made out OK with the boxes. I spoke to a couple of the KCBS representatives at the Head Cooks meeting and asked about the garnish and they pointed me in the right direction of what to buy. One rep and another tenured cook told me that i do not have to use parsley and also told me that if i'm not experienced with using it for boxing then to not use it because if a parsely flake comes detached and sticks to the meat it'll change the appearance and taste of the turn in. So that was a huge load off my back. We found green leaf lettuce and used iceberg as a foundation under it. I"ll post the pictures of the boxes on here when i get them from my other 2 friends who took the pics. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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