need advice on a meat slicer

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I use a knife - but I'm old school!   But seriously, the search does come up with several and many comments. Good luck. All dependent on your budget and what YOU feel is "reasonably priced".
the chef's choice brand has a couple well-rated and well-reviewed lower cost models.   I'm in between meat slicers right now, and these have my attention for the $. use the link to amazon from the SM website, if you want to look there.
I have a Deni 14250 that cost me about $75 delivered. It's not a $2500 hobart, but it does slice fairly uniform slices. It's table is too short for cutting bacon.

I see while searching for a pic of it, that it has some poor reviews, but I'm very happy with mine. It's paid for itself a few times over.

this is some thin sliced spiced ham that I sliced with the 14250, it's was about a 1/16" or a little less. Don't expect to slice something you can see through.

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