Name Change!

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Rafter H BBQ

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Jun 18, 2013
S.E. Idaho
So, when I was a young guy... which has been a long while!

We run cattle on our dry farm and the cattle would kinda just roam around for the spring, summer and fall... then we'd round em up to bring down for winter...

So, there were others that done this as well... so brands were important as that indicated what cattle belonged to who! The brand was your identification to say... That is my cattle!

So, ten years ago... I was just a young guy joining the forum and liked, actually loved drinking beers... still do, just not as much! 😂

So a few friends would say... "Let's go to the waterin hole and drink a brew."

Now these years later, I was thinking on a name change to reflect my fam history...

Our brand was declared the official Rafter H brand here in Idaho!

So was thinking of the name...

Rafter H BBQ

So it’s still me… just a different name!
Go for it. Cool name. Or, how about "Rafter H BBQ going down to the Waterin Hole to grab a Brew". The mods will love you!

Thanks…. Love it Dave… just didn’t want my user name to be too long! But you all are always welcome to come grab a brew… some things never change! 😉
The only reason my acct reflects a name change is because somehow or other the caps on the first and last letters of my user name got changed to lower case. I'm DougE on every forum I belong to. Not overly catchy, but I'm not going to change my first or last names, so consistent.
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Sounds like a good change, I dig it and am a bit jealous because I don’t have a family brand🤣 I say go for it, cool name with history!
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There are some amazing rivers up in Idaho. Does one of those tie in with the ‘rafter’ portion of the name?
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Go to your profile and select account details then hit the "change" button beside your name
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There are some amazing rivers up in Idaho. Does one of those tie in with the ‘rafter’ portion of the name?

Not that I am aware of… I will have to ask my Dad… the brand has been in our fam for generations, so there may be a correlation… and agree with there are some amazing rivers here! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.