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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by mrmosh303, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. mrmosh303

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    i really thought i would be flooded with responses, but after 76 views, i am still the only one to comment on my last post about turkey smoking...

    i will put it out there again, and see what happens...

    i heard that citrus works well with far with my smoking, i have dome 1 whole chicken, with a cored and sliced apple shoved in the cavity...for Thanksgiving i will be doing a 14lbs turkey, bought fresh...i will be using "slaughterhouse" brine, prolly for a full night before, and then slow smoking, 225* or so, making sure it goes to 140* within 4 hours(this is what i read in this forum, and assume it is for a turkey also)...i am going to slice oranges and toothpick them over the breasts...i am also slicing an orange or 2 for the cavity...i think we have backed off the idea of shoving stuffing in the cavity...

    so...any thoughts from you smoking pro's and masters??

    i have got great info in this group, but have not seen this kind of thought yet, and look forward to reading responses

    smoke on, eat strong


    and if i do not post again before thursday, which is unlikely since i post quite a bit...Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!!
  2. mrmosh303

    mrmosh303 Smoke Blower

    dammit...i forgot to say, that i am also thinking of spritzing, also "slaughterhouse" through the smoke of this bird

    that is all...
  3. mcockrell

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    definitely don't want to shove stuffing into the cavity. its almost impossible to get both done at the same time.

    you are on the right track as far as your bird goes. although there really is no real benefit from 225 as poultry doesn't really have any connective tissue to break down like a butt or brisket so you can go up to 250 or even 275 if you wanted to and it wouldn't affect the quality of the meat.

    as far as the fruit, ive never shoved fruit into my birds but i really don't see how it would mess anything up. i usually just throw some herbs and stuff in there. as far the fruit on the breasts you probably wont get any benefit from that unless you place them under the skin. if you smoke at 225 you probably wont want to eat the skin as it will most likely be rubbery. you could definitely put stuff under the skin however.

    i used slaughterhouse brine for several turkeys and they all came out great. the last one i also threw in some poultry seasoning, thyme, and rosemary in there too.

    good luck and im sure it will turn out delicious.
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  4. rdknb

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    If you want crispy skin cook at 300-325 if you can.  The fruit in the cavity is ok and adds to the flavor.
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  5. timberjet

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    Dude, your super large bold text is A little intimidating. Just sayin. I think low and slow does have some benefit and I will probably get some flack for saying it. I like smoky! More smoky is better. More time in smoker equals more smoky flavor. I guess that is the only reason to go low on poultry really. Just make sure you follow the 4 hours 40-140 rule. Happy smoking!
  6. mrmosh303

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    right on, timberjet...i will try to take down the large text some, but i am a big guy and like to make sure everyone knows i am there...

    thanks for the input, one of the reasons i like this forum so much is the knowledge in i am going to go a little higher on the temp, just because i want to be sure to stay within the 140 rule...maybe after the 140 is reached, then turn down the heat some?? not sure if that will make a difference, but i do like the idea of some crispy skin...

    the 1 chicken i have done turned out perfect, with some crispy skin, but it seems like some of the wings have not been so crispy...i do about a dozen wings at a time, for 2hrs at about 225...i know i should, but i did not even probe the wings last time, since the times have worked perfect before...

    like i said in the post, the oranges was only because i heard that citrus reacts well with the poultry...and like somebody said, can't really hurt anything, and when i did the chicken with the apple, it was really good...

    thanks again, y'all...great forum, good advice...

    smoke on, eat strong
  7. timberjet

    timberjet Master of the Pit

    no prob. I did a citrus brine and apple and orange stuffed turkey about a year ago that was excellent. You can't go wrong with that plan you got going there. I think old bay was meant for turkey too. One of my secret ingredients when I do citrus poultry. Most of the time I cut the backbone out of my birds anymore. Only time I do traditional is when mom asks me to do one for some family occasion or other. Hudson must be on the east side of co? I lived in that great state for a number of years.
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  8. mcockrell

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    you could always smoke the bird low and slow if youd like and then stick it under the broiler for a few minutes after you pull it. it will crisp up the skin very nicely. if you want crisp skin from the smoker then don't start high and finish low. ive tried this a few times and it didn't work on skin. you might could start low and finish high?

    if its a fresh turkey (not frozen and thawed) it should not have a problem clearing the zone at 225-250*.

    as far as the wings go i have tried them six ways from sunday in the smoker to get crispy skin. the best way that ive found to this was to smoke them in the smoker and then finish them on a hot grill for just a few seconds on each side. i have a propane grill so it only takes moments to heat the grill and by the time ive put all the wings on the grill its time to flip. when they are all flipped its time to pull. i never have gotten good skin in the smoker even at higher temps (my smoker only goes to 275).
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  9. mrmosh303

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    thank you, gentleman...

    and yes, timber...i am just east of Brighton, maybe 25 miles kinda northeast of this State

    i have to include a quick Qview of the ribs i have had on 3-2-1 method, this is going on for the last hours...

  10. timberjet

    timberjet Master of the Pit

    I have been there. lived in buena vista, telluride, silverton, crested butte, manitou spgs. and old town denver for a bit. ribs look great man. whoops forgot frasier. Brrrrrrrrr! makes me cold just thinking about that last one.
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  11. timberjet

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    I have a new way on my scarbelly wings. I get a cast iron pan hot on the coleman two burner and toss them around in that sucker a little bit. seems to work the best without drying them out.
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