My smoker stayed at 175 all night with a boston butt in to continue ?

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I had seen where Bob had in the past posted that the outer .5" would get to the 140 degree mark easily at 200 or above but had never seen him say that it would pass it at the 175 smoker temps so I guess I too learned something new

I usually post the normal household mantra from the FSIS.  However, so many of you are so experienced I feel it is not correct by holding information that will allow many to do the advanced techniques they are wanting to attempt.  With experience and knowledge people generally want to push on to "how do they make that standing rib come out so tender?" and they deserve to know how to do it safely.

I don't post a lot on the 155 to 199 F range of cooking, because to often it becomes some big ego driven thing, as in "Oh you cook at 190 F?, I cook at 175 F!" which indicates to me the thinking is not there yet for attempting this type of cooking.  I like to see "I am trying to do this, what are the problems I need to be thinking about?" this would get a full response from me.  As it is obvious this person realizes where they are going is outside the norm and they have a want to be doing it correctly.

You would not believe what we do with raw eggs in a commercial kitchen when making sauces.  All safe, but to the home cook... scary, but only because they don't have the information to understand what HACCP we are running it under and how we make it safe.

Anyway point is, for the site to stay vibrant we must start to help our members that are pushing out into the realm outside the everyday norm... or they will go else where for the information.  There are a whole host of people here that can answer those questions.
Lets have a "fermented sausages:"section and really push the boundaries of safe food techniques.  I am fascinated and really want to learn  what can be done with a converted refrigerator when it comes to making sausage with bacterial cultures and various humidity levels.

Maybe an advanced techniques section with the warning that "Only the experienced should enter here".

Nothing like learning from the experts

Very informative. I never knew garlic could cause botulism if not used properly.
One of the statistically common Botulism problems is home cooks trying to infuse oil with garlic.  They use raw garlic and submerge it in oil and sit it on the counter to grow botulism in a nice oxygen free environment.

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