my smoker is loosing a lot of smoke

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Jan 30, 2013
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I bought a Char-Broil American Gourmet 400 Series Offset Smoker Grill last year around august and it is loosing a ton of smoke. I cannot find any mods online for this exact smoker.. can someone please help me out..this might have been answered before but I thought I would ask again......... thanks all you Q- guys/gals
ryeguy, that is the exact same one I started with. There are lots of mods to be done. Namely, plugging the holes, lowering the stack, creating a baffle and tuning plates, a charcoal cage, and insulation. Go up to the searchbar and enter char-broil+mods, or horizontal+mods.  You'll find countless posts that can help.

Good luck!
thanks  mneeley490      I cant lower the stack because it has one of those warming racks there and I found one thing that rack is good for...smoking onions for onion soup or whatever..i don't like onions but all of my family and friends do so it will have to stay..
Yeah, I took out the warming rack in mine. But to lower the stack, all I did was buy a can of Sapporo beer, drink it, and cut holes in each end, Then stuffed the skinny end up into the stack from the bottom, and voila! Custom lowered stack for about $2.
as far as the rack goes.. you can take it out and use the stackable cooling racks (3 per pack) that you can get at Walmart... just set one on the rack with your meat under it and onions on the cooling rack.... you'll find that the original rack will get in the way of doing some things (ie. Butts.. hams... beer can chicken... anything with height to it) ...
Havent had the time or ching to do any mods yet. But im getting enough smoke and temp stays stedy at 275. I made myself a redneck charcoal basket from one of those veggie baskets you use for grilling. I cut it so is was almost sguare. Then made the holes bigger. Then i took the cooking grate from my old gas grill and cut it to fit the top lip of the fire box. This redneck charcoal worked awesome. I didnt use a lot of wood or charcoal and kept the temp at 275. I still plan on fixing the smoker from loosing the smoke though. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.