My Pellet smoker build

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Jun 3, 2015
Here is my first pellet smoker build. Smoke daddy 18" unit provides the smoke. As I can't leave anything alone I installed a hot rod cut out switch, a auger cut out switch and a fan speed control. The walls are 16G with 1" of Rock mineral wool insulation skimmed with 26G stainless steel. Main chamber is 3' x 3' x 4' The burn pot is a 3" unit and I have a modulated 4" output stack. I do a lot of cold smoking of cheeses that was the reason for all the extra controls.
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Wow looks great, I bet it will work great , keep us updated and thanks for sharing
That thing should hold temp like a champ! Well done on the build. With the door height, why stop there? isn't the top space lost space or do you have hangers that can go in there? Not trying to sound critical, just curious. Very clean/impressive build though :emoji_thumbsup:
Thanks for the kind words. I originally was going to do a rotiserie inside. My snack stick business is going well so I have rack mounts up high for the snack sticks.
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I have a Lolly pop style damper shut off. I used a solid wire flexible automotive choke setup. I keep it lubed with food grade silicon spray. Ill get some pics of that up.
Snacks sticks are 40% ground chuck, 40% ground sirloin (ball tip) and 20% boneless pork loin. Seasonings to remain my secret.....
Ok do you have that set up at your house? I would love to have a ss table like that not to mention the food service grade “equipment”. I like that food scale is spy in the corner!

Nice spread of “snacks”.
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