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My gen 1 MES 40 is great--question on fine-tuning


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Set up my generation 1 MES 40 from Amazon today and did the burn in.  Temperatures are consistent front to back, and remarkably consistent top to bottom.  None of the variability that others have had trouble with.  (Obviously, this wasn't skill on my part, but I'm OK with dumb luck :-)

So two thumbs up for the gen 1.

One *tiny* issue.  I did the burn in at the recommended 275.  All my thermometers say the unit hit 265 and locked in.  As long as I'm doin' recipes that want 265 or lower, this is easy.  But if I actually want 275 in the smoker ... is there any way at all to make minor adjustments to that MES thermostat?  I don't want to send it back for a replacement--I feel remarkably fortunate that everything is working so well and I don't want to make things worse.  So it's just a question ... is there a way to make minor adjustments?

TIA.  And thanks especially for all the advice on this forum.  I'm a beginner, but I feel I've landed a great starter kit ... MES 40 gen 1, AMNPS, MAV ET-732, 5-day smoking course, plus a couple of hanging Cooper-Atkins ... and that it was you guys who put me on the right path.  What a way to start a brand new year!

Next stop ... finding a butcher who will help me feed this frenzy.


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There's no way to calibrate the mes. But you're within 10 degrees of set temp. Your indoor electric or gas stove probably can't get that close. I'd leave well enough alone. Anything below 265 you can just set your temp by the maverick. Not sure what you want to smoke over 265 anyway, but you can always use your oven to finish meats or crisp up poultry. Trust me, considering some of the complaints about some mes units, youve hit the lottery.
Sounds like you've gotten all the right tools to put out some great q. Looking forward to seeing your work. All the best to you and welcome to your new addiction!
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Thanks for the quick replies.

I too felt like I rolled the dice and came up seven.  I'm good with If It Ain't Broke mode.


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You could insulate your smoker like the fellas up in the cold country are doing. But, I concur with the others. There is no need for that high of a temperature in a smoker.

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