My First Smoker

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Hillbilly , First welcome to our World
 We are the best in the land ,experience ,knowhow ,repair ... the list goes on - see our list of forums .

Glad to see you got a MES ; is that a 30" or 40"
 Either way you'll have fun and create the best "Q" you'll ever have ,  As, my Buddy , Danny , says "Get her seasoned-up and give her a whirl ".

By seasoning we mean , rub her inside and the racks real good with grease/lard/oil and set her to high and get a good 2hrs on her, let her cool a bit and shove a Chicken in Her. Spactchcocked or Quarters to get her primed for all the goodies you'll be doing.
 Please send somm Q-view so we can enjoy it with you.

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