my first smoked ribs, ready to smoke!

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Those look good, i have a thing for ribs, so how did you cook them?, what spices and bbq sauce did you use? what temp and how long? what rub did you use? dont just show do tell. and ill be over in a min to finish the rest off yummm

I rubbed them the night before with McCormicks Grill Mates for pork, covered and put in fridge overnight. I set them out while I was getting the chimney started with charcoals. (I did this on a weber charcoal grill cause I didnt have a smoker until the other day.)

When I dumped the hot coals in the grill, all to one side, I put a smoker box on top of them with soaked hickory chips. On the other side of the grill, across from the coals, I put a pan of pineapple rings with a little extra water that would sit under the ribs as a drip pan. The smell of the smoke, hickory chips and pineapple was to die for!! And made the ribs taste perfect!!

I smoked the ribs for 4- 4 1/2 hours at 200-250*. And when they were close to being done, I coated them with Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce (my favorite) and let them grill a little. The curve of the ribs were down towards the fire and I never moved them or covered them.

Must have been beginners luck!! See pics for extra help, or if I missed answering anything for you!!


when they were done smokin, I layed them out and put the Sweet Baby Rays sauce on.

Hope this answers all your questions :):):)

dee-lish! Maybe its just me but I use so much rub you can't see red meat. I love the taste of it. Grill-Mates is nice but a little tiny jar for $3 is too much, I buy Willingham's rub by the case, or go to a restaurant supply like Smart&Final or GFS and that same $3 gets you a POUND of stuff. I don't even put sauce on mine anymore. There's a recipe here for home made, I'm too lazy. They look great!
10-4 on the Willingham's!!!! I've been using it 17 years. Got introduced to it at Rib Fest when we lived up in Minneapolis. Willingham's took 1st in ribs. Dry, no sauce, just rub. Been hooked since. Love it on popcorn!
Lisa, those ribs look great. I think I can smell them through my monitor!
What kind of smoker did you get?
Nice lookin ribs Lisa, i'm doing the same set-up tomorrow, thanks for the idea!!
and u call yourself a rookie
Lisa, Looks sooooooo good ! Makes me want to go out right now and get some ribs and throw them on the grill. You did a terrific job from the looks of it. Great info on the rub too. I will go to the resturant supply place and get me some of that too. I have been making mine up from scratch and it costs a fortune for about a pound of rub buying it by the 1 oz. and 2 oz. bottles of spices.
Chadpole, in Augusta you may have GFS or Smart and Final. They have 6 different kinds of big containers of rub, I like the Badia Gourmet Blends Barbecue Seasoning, it's about $6 for a pound of it, and I add 3 ounces or so of brown sugar to it so it carmelizes nicely to the meat. (This is when I'm out of Willingham's). By the way, we race in Jackson, SC, right near you!
Wonderful looking meat Lisa,I did ribs last weekend.I know us Mountaineers love good food,although not a lot of people here know what real Q is all about.I never really ate good Q until I moved to Fla. where BBQ is an artform.Keep up the goodies Lisa and I may just have to make a trip to Co Springs,David
whoo-ahh now that i know about this forum i will definitely have to post some recipes & pics. great lookin' ribs.don't mind me in the (history & travel channel)debates-wet or dry rub, or sauce... i'm from texas,no sauce.marinade & wood. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.