My first smoked chicken

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by ungy, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. My first adventure in smoking whole chicken was a success! I experimented with chicken breasts while smoking other foods before going for the whole chicken. What I discovered and found the yummiest I used on the whole chicken.

    Before the bird was kissed by the smoke


    I used a LP (Gas) smoker (Smoke Hollow) Cooked at 225-230 F for 7hrs to get to 165 deg. internally

    I used Red Oak chunks dry. I tried Apple Peach Maple and Cherry found I like Red Oak the best.

    I did NOT brine the bird before smoking.

    I went skinless. Yes I skinned the bird before smoking it. Ive found it really helps to give the bird a lot more of the yummy smoky flavor. I didnt skin the legs or the wings.

    I used a rub of cayenne pepper black pepper rosemary paprika and previously smoke roasted garlic.

    I used a vertical method of smoking like beer can chicken I just don’t use the beer can.

    Turned out AWESOME! Just a tad dry I am thinking that’s because of the lack of skin to keep the moisture in. I also think it may have been the low temp and long cook time. The next bird I do will be skinless and I am going to up the temp to 260 – 270 see if that helps.

    I plan on doing a few more whole chickens before I move to giving a whole turkey a try. 
  2. Ungy,

       That looks delicious! I have not smoked a whole chicken in my smoker yet.  I just smoked some chicken thighs earlier today and they came out great. I trimmed a good part of the skin off and put the rub under remainder of skin as well.

    Was the whole bird dry or just the white meat portions? 

  3. it wasnt to dry just not as moist as I was hoping. It was the white meat that was dry.
  4. oldschoolbbq

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    That's a good looking Chicken , Kudos for the color... try a Brine next time , may be your answer...

    Have fun and . . .
  5. Thanks! this weekend i am brining some skinless boneless breasts and already have them on the smoker.
  6. bgosnell151

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    First off, good looking bird. I just did my first one yesterday. I spatchcocked it and smoked it at 275. When the IT got to 120, I draped a half lb of bacon over it. Took me 4.5 hours for my 5 lbs bird to get to 165. I cut into the breast and the juices flowed from it... super moist. Not sure if the difference between ours were the bacon or the shorter cook time that kept it so moist. Again, that is a great looking bird, congrats on the successful smoke.

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