My first RF smoker build, any help would be appreciated

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by jhsdigital, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. the only dumb question is an unasked one
  2. Thanks, I guess I'm putting in fire bricks. The small ones should be fine right? I think they call them a half brick, they are only about an inch high. It seems like a full brick would be to high.
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    Allow room for the fire brick to expand and contract...  The joints will fill with ash...  no problem.... 
  4. Hi Guys, Well I finally saved up enough lunch money to continue my build. So here is question number 500 and something,

    1. How high above the top of my firebrick to the bottom of my fire grate? I'm using 1" square tube for the frame of the fire grate.

    2. How high above the top of my fire grate to the bottom of my air intakes? or do the air intakes go beneath the top of the fire grate? so that the air intakes are below the fire.

    3. The size of the air intakes are 3"x4" and there will be 2 on the right side and 2 on the left side. Or should they just be on one side of the FB?

    the opening in the photo will have a 2" frame all the way around it to accommodate stove gasket for a good seal of the door. And the door to FB will hinge off the 2" frame opening. Also there will be an air intake in the door to help with the flow down the RF plate.

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  6. I built mine like this:
    The first version only had the angle in the bottom so it filled with ash and wouldn't breath. I cut it off and welded in 1.5" square tube, which brought it up to about 2.5", which runs out well, and I can poke under it if I need to collapse the ash a bit, but I haven't needed to yet.
    First version:
    I beveled the end of the angle to make it easier to pull in and push put over the firebrick edges.
  7. DoodleQ, where did you put your air intakes for your fire? I'm gonna guess that the one in the door,  visible in photo is for airflow down the RF plate. Assuming that's the case, where did you place the air intakes for the sides of the fire box? or is the one in the top of the door the only one you have?
  8. Took me a bit to get back to you...on the road for a few. Let me see if I have a pix on this thing:
    Lower left on that pix...not too good a shot
  9. DoodleQ,

    Thanks for the photos, I'm really excited to get this thing done and smoking, I will post more progress soon.
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    Kudos on that basket. She's a beaut!
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    To add to what Dave said, My intakes are directly below the grates and directly across from the inlet into the chamber, never had an ash problem YET!.

    Anyhow I have no intakes above the grate and for my pit it is not needed. I think it may be worth adding one as I have heard it does give you more control of the heat

    Draw is no problem the draw is the same with the door shut and all 4 vents open.

    • Starting off with my Junk wood to get a good coal bed. to me  that is the key to a good controlled fire, a decent amount of red hot coals, log lighter doing it's job.

    • Experimenting.
    • Clean out pans, going to have to make a good one someday.
    • Air intakes, there's three additional on the back that is just a slide, never needed it yet and have had the pit over 500°
  12. Im still wondering where you got that basket.
  13. Ribwizzard, the basket's not mine, kinda wish it was. But if I had to guess I think he (DoodleQ) made it himself or had it made.
  14. Yup, the basket's all mine! The only thing I subbed out on the build was the sandblasting. Something about building a smoker gets you used to knocking things with angle stock and expanded steel pretty easy. Glad you guys like!
  15. I was talking about the laundry basket looking one.

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    I got them on ebay. I believe it's 302 stainless, been holding up really well the last few years.

  17. Really cool, looks like it might be from medical field or something.   .
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    I bought a second one just in case this one crapped out.
  19. Well, My welder's gone fishing ! ! !

    My build is at a stand still, and its driving me crazy ! my welders has gone fishing for a few days and wont be back until next week. So I decided to take a stab at sandblasting, And quickly decided to have another beer and wait for the welder to get done wetting his line !

  20. Hello All!

    I'm new here and love it so far! I'm also building a RF smoker and I noticed that they are cutting into the tank to install the fire box, I'm using a 275 tank and was going to mate the firebox to the side and cut the tank with the half moon, do I need to cut into the tank? I haven't built my fire box yet, I just used the feldon's calculator and man does that save a lot of math!!! I will try and post some pictures soon!

    Thanks a lot!


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