My first Quarters

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Jan 1, 2007
Syracuse, MO
We tried smoking chicken quarters for the first time today. The problems that I knew I had to watch was, 1st drying out the chicken to much, 2nd the skins on the turkeys weâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]ve do was way too rubbery. Well I injected them with Creole Butter marinade about 30 hrs before I was to begin the smoke then place them in a dish and dumped the excess (I put about a half a bottle in a separate bowl to fill the injector) marinade over them. Right before the smoke I sprinkled them with lemon pepper, garlic powder, Creole seasoning, and seasoning salt. Then I used mesquite chips and smoked at 275* till the meat temp was 157* basting with a mix of beer and butter every half hour starting 45 minutes after put the chicken in the smoker. Then at 157* I pulled them and moved to the gas grill to finish. While on the grill I basted with Q sauce tell done at 167*. I ended up with a very juicy and great tasting chicken. Then skin was much better then the turkeyâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s skin, but I think I will pull from smoker sooner to give a little longer on the grill. All in all the smoke was a very good one; even the wife said it was to “die for.†I have some pics in the camera I will post them as soon as I get them down loaded from it and remember how to post them.
Congrats on a successful smoke. Everyone pretty much has their on style of how they smoke their meat. We use a lot of the same techniques but we all do things a little different. If the meal you made was a success do some tweaking as you've indicated you plan on, and press on with pride.
We will be looking for your pics.
Sounds like a successful smoke to me......
I did the same thing last night, cept I did a whole chicken. I have absolutely nothing elaborate equipment wise just my weber bbq and a lil bitty smoker made out of a couple terra cotta pots and a hot plate. I didn't do anything too snappy with the chicken, just a quick cure for about 2 hours then a rinse and some butter, salt, and pepper. I set up my bbq for medium inderect heat (simple dlope up from the middle to one side). then I threw on a large handfull of some jack daniels oak chips and put the chicken on til it got to about 180. It came off the grill tasting like a smoked turkey leg from the fair.
That looks yummy..I have thrown some yard birds in the smoker and the skin is flavorful, but has the texture of rawhide. Wife won't let me smoke chickens anymore until I fix that problem because we all know the best part of the bird if the skin! Now I have an idea..Thanks
Looks good. I no longer mess with the skin that much, due to Cholesterol issues and the skin not being too good for you. I do have problems when I do a whole chicken on the rotisserie though. Man!! Then that skin can be to 'die for'.......and if I keep eating it, I probably will.
It does look mighty tasty, nice job. On my turkey smoke I turned up the heat as recommended because I don't think poultry benefits from the low and slow as much as other meat, especially if you are brining or injecting.
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