My first fatty

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Jul 2, 2007
Lakewood, CO
All this talk of fatties has made me curious, so I went to my local grocer, got me a couple JD logs, one maple, one sage, and am smoking one right now. I'm at the 1/2 way point now and just flipped it. It smells terriffic! here's some preperation pix for ya til it finishes.

After the rub roll

On the smoker

The rub I used is what I like to call a "spice cabinet raid" I started with some brown sugar, threw in some cumin, celery salt, tarragon, old bay. cayanne, um kosher salt, pepper, garlic powder, chili powder, and I think thats it. I'm using apple wood for the smoke.
and the rest of the pics & ups hot plate sample platter are where????
the rest of the pics? you can look at my smoked figs that I posted, theres more pics of my setup there too.
yeah I guess i missed the platter peppers for abt's or anything like that. God knows i got enough bacon in my fridge for it.
oh, there's plenty o peppers around here, I just haven't bought any right now. I'm only here in CA cause Uncle Sam told me to do it. I'm origionally from CO. but thats neither here nor there.
Speaking of which, its about time for me to take this baby outta the smoker and into my tummy. Standby for pix.
I'm a sailor. Anyhow, I just got done with baby bath time and now she's screaming like I just ripped her legs off. She loves her baths but hates getting out.

And in other news...FATTYS ARE AMAZING!!!! heres some pics

straight off the smoker

couple slices for munching on.

Fattys have claimed yet another addict. I'm hooked for life. The rub went perfect with the maple flavor in the sausage. I'm proud of me.
great lookin' pics, i know about the baby screaming,& i am a seaman fer life (we own commercial fishing boats) i fish & oilboat (until moving here) & an ex squid- well i got a red seal on my azz and a froggie elsewhere... boo yay & if it's colic try dancing w/ (her or him) the baby to bob marley"no woman no cry", taliban song(toby), & selena" bidibidi bom bom"- works for ours. plus braddah iz " somewhere over the rainbow/beautiful world".
What did you do as a squid?

I'll have to try the dancing and stuff with the little one, but so far (knock on wood) no colic. She just has her before bed fussy times. normally a bath helps with it but its the getting out part that she hates. just throw some johnsons bed time lotion on her and give her to momma for some feedins and she's pretty much cool.
she's breastfed & just getting to a bottle. she loves the water- same here it's getting out thats the prob- she gets gas & farts ( she falls asleep before ya can burp)but it's late afternoon early evening (thank god) as fer me. i was a bit past squids- i passed buds & got my team tat(close enough fer an explanation). served 3.5 years on teams.. i played in panama & costa rica, nica(ollie's beach do have good surf), and iraq iran and even afghan(the late 80's- russians couldn't deal w/ the reagan budget) most people don't know it but everything iraq had- we gave them. even the chems- thats why we KNOW they were there- ya won't see that in the news- we taught them- dow chemical chemists.try that on cnn. ok ok - enough politics- lets cook something.
ahh gas and farts, I can normally help alleviate that by bicicling her legs for a few minutes and every now and then I'll gently push her knees into her belly and get rewarded with a little toot...or a big one. It's a great party trick to show your griends that you can make your lil one fart on command.

I've never known any SEAL's but i've known a few drop-outs or otherwise flunkees, one buddy of mine got kicked out of buds because he slapped his officer in charge with an ore because he did something that might have gotten them all killed. At least thats what he says. My job consists of fixing and maintaining a ship defense missile system. Sometimes we get to shoot it. Funny thing is, its a surface to air missile system, but I've only shot at boats with it. Unmanned mind you. It's great to be able to tell people that I blow stuff up for a living.

But now on the topic at hand, I brought my fatty into work today to show it off to some of my coworkers, and so far I'm getting rave reviews. I think I'm gonna need to find a little pork butt and some fat back and have an adventure in making my own sausage for a fatty. But that will probably be a month or so away. My wife already let me spend $150 over our grocery budget on meat for smoking/bbqing. Speaking of which, I still have a 12lb pork tenderloin I've gotta break down into manageable pieces.
It's a great party trick to show your griends that you can make your lil one fart on command.

Oh, my God! you can do that? That's freakin' hilarious. I don't have kids but that is funny.
The wifey just called me here at work, she wants another fatty. So tonight I think I'll do a sage sausage, same rub, with Jack Daniels oak chips.
I ready to try smokin one tomorrow..I know I saw the suggested temperature and time on this forum but darned if I can find it. Can someone help me?
That is a great lookin fatty man...
Open to new ideas wrap up some yummies in it. cheeses, veggies, even cooked eggs. The possibilities are endless
I'm on here lookin for idears for stuffing one today.

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