My first chickens - GOSM

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Original poster
Sep 27, 2006
Arvada, CO
Smoked my first chickens this weekend - turned out pretty good, according to the family.

Used 1 gallon of water, 1 cup of canning salt and 1 cup of sugar for the brine, soaked 4 hours, and lemon pepper for the rub.

Smoked them with mesquite wood for about 1.5 hours breast down, turned them and smoked for another 2 hours with cherry wood until 160* at the breast. It seemed odd to me that the thigh and legs were under done (some pink) but the breasts were done perfectly. We microwaved the thighs and legs for a few minutes and they finished up nicely. Anyone else experience this?

Temperature control vs vent controls are still new to me, but finally found a compromise of vents about 1/2 open all around and temp setting about 1/2 way between low and medium that gave a consistant 225*.
Looks good!

My experience with the vents and gas knob on my GOSM are similar to yours. Were the legs really underdone? Chicken tends to turn pink from the smokering effect. If the juices ran clear then it was done.


Good advice Meowy, The chicks look good... I did a chicken this weekend and had it some alamaba white sauce .. Love the smokey taste with the sauce ..

I had some redness in the meat near the leg/thigh joints, but I believe the juices were running clear, so perhaps they were done just fine?

Hah!, this is funny!!! I just noticed our dog sticking its nose into the first photo - she's made "new best friends" with our smoker. Used to be the grill was her best friend, but there's a new "mmmm! smells good!" box on the porch now! Also just noticed the tiki torch behind the smoker looks like some kind of fancy chimney attached to the smoker!
I noticed both of those right off and was wondering what king of "stack mod" you had made. :lol: I hope she got a few scraps. :D

Those birds look fantastic, great coloring. 8) is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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