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My First Brisket Attempt QView


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Ok so I did this a few months ago but thought I would share here as well  I initially posted on the WSM forum cause I didn't know about this one! 

After a few ribs and butts I am going to do a brisket this weekend.  I just ran and picked up the briskets rubbed um up and put in fridge.

These are about 5lbs a piece.  I should figure around 8 hours correct?  I was hoping to get a single bigger cut so I could go over night but at 8 hours just not long enough (up late up early :()

A few fellas chime in and let me knwo that these are just the flats and suggest a high temp cook.......The following is somewhat funny

Ok so here is the run down!

I fired the WSM minion style and added 6 fist sized chunks of hickory and apple. Brought up to about 250 deg and put the Briskets around 9:30AM. I did not bring to room temp. 
Then I pull out the IPad and check out the WSM forum and figure out I am a total dip thinking I had 2 briskets (thumping my chest) only to find out I have flats and need to quickly move to the suggested high temp cook to salvage this cook.  This is around 10:30.  Since the high temp method requires no water this is the first order of business. I scramble down to the wsm and pull the grates out suck in the good white smokey essence, wipe the tears out of my eyes grab the now very hot water bowl.  I head back up stairs with the this steaming jewel dodge a few looks from my bride and empty and foil the inside.  I run back down hoping that the neighbor’s dog did not scamper over and grab the flats from the cookie sheet sitting on the patio.  I put the belly back on base fighting the big flames that had erupted and coming off of the wood and coal pit drop in the empty water bowl.  And finally the cooker is back in order (oh yea so true I can’t make this $hit up )
I opened all vents 100% and she would only get to around 275 and my target more 340ish.  So I grab a small dry wall screw and prop up one side of the lid just a little bit.  Man this made difference the temp spiked the thermometer so I closed 2 of the bottom vents to about 50%.  This was the all she needed and ran at a perfect 325-350 the rest of the cook not mucking with again.
Not knowing what my first hour of the slow water method would do to the overall project.  I checked the temp after an hour around 11:30.  Note to self drywall screw is freaking hot fell onto my foot!   The top flat was at 160 so I decided to spray some Oatmeal Stout on them and foil them up and let them go.  At 1:15 or so I checked the temp of the top flat and it was around 200 so I tried the fork test and so much  but getting there finally ended up pulling at around 1:45 and the bottom one @ 2.  Double wrapped and tossed in a cooler
Bout an hour later we dug in
This is actually the bottom one and was perfect doneness

It was very good the family loved it!  Very moist and tender with pretty good smoke flavor.   I could have probably tossed another chunk on after I had the cooker rigged for the high temp cook.
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Very nice, They only get better from here!


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LOL... I feel for you, trying to fight the pan in after the WSM gets going is a hair synging, smoke breathing, good time.... been there done that!

Glad to hear the brisket came out well, it looks really good for being just a couple of flats.


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Now your brisket looks good and I'm really happy that the family loved it too. Now for that poor ole little drywall screw. It did it's job and you probably just kicked it off your foot as it sat there burning it's way to the center of your foot. Not thinking of what it's feeling like. You should be sorry for now you don't know where that screw is out in that big yard of yours. Now it is out there missing it's mommy in the big box in which you plucked it out of. Can you tell I'm just a lonely old drywall guy that's out of work...............LOL

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