My Final Porterhouse Cook (Pics)

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Thanks Charles!! I tried the skillet routine once when the weather was horrible and set off every smoke detector in the house. All the neighbors thought Tracy was attempting to cook dinner :emoji_laughing:

Now that's funny 🤣 Should've added that I do them outside on my propane fish cooker for just that reason...
You could always do it thick and save some for a lunch steak sandwich.
This concept wouold work for normal people but I don't qualify unfortunately :emoji_laughing: I typically eat lunch about 8:30 in the morning when i'm on the road for work so not anywhere close to the fridge.
Or you need a hotter grill. Are you sure about that 1100?
I'm absolutely positive about the grill temp. I researched every premium grill out there for months and chose this one for the outrageous heat from the sear burner.

That is definitely a meal I wouldn't kick out of bed. Great job all around Robert.
Thanks so much Dave. We enjoyed it...once you got past the steak looking like a piece of wet cardboard. All the flavor was there, just not the visual.
Having said that, If you do that meal again, please overnight that plate to me and it will be enjoyed.
Well sir, I would happily do that but this was the last of those steaks and there won't be any more ordered. Now if you could suffer through a NY Strip or rib eye, maybe we can talk :emoji_wink:

and perhaps you will give this another try.
Not likely but appreciate the thought. An order of these is in the $700 range and that's a lot of $$ to toss out on a wish and a prayer in hopes of a different result, especially after going through this time and time again.
Did you actually cook the steak on the sear setting or did you cook at lower temps and reverse sear at the end ?
It was cooked entire and completely, start to finish, over the sear burner. No reverse sear or anything else. Had I done something differently, I would have mentioned it on the thread. Trust me, I've cooked literally thousands of steaks the past few years and have it pretty well figured out.

Still looks amazing Robert. I agree. And I hate thin pork steaks for the same reason.
Thanks Steve. I tend to cut shops and steaks in the 1 1/2" thick range. That gives some forgiveness and a nice chunk of meat to work with.

Thin steaks are hard to get right . Your knowledge around the grill shows , because the inside looks perfect .
The type of cut and the thickness make it a double challenge in my opinion .
Plate looks really good . If I do get thin ones I try to get some color / char on one side .
Sometimes that means only a minute on the second side .

Good meal and great points .
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