My Final Porterhouse Cook (Pics)

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Yup, you and me both Robert. While they can be grilled, the end result is always short of what is desired. Result is usually a med-rare heading towards med with the outside not where I'd like it to be in order to not over cook. Never the less, it's still all about flavor for me and your plate looks very inviting.

I won't go as far to say I've solved the problem but lately have been getting better results. Luckily we have a very good butcher in the area and can get porterhouses cut to requested thickness. Depending on how I feel they will be either 1.5" or 1.75" thick. While the Hestan's sear side can get to a similar temp, I've cut it back to 700ºƒ 'ish. Been successful achieving a good rare or med-rare result with nice markings. When going for the rare side, the steak is still seasoned and left to sit for 45 mins prior to grilling but the first 20-30 min is back in the fridge.
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Looks like a fine meal Robert, I know I'd be pretty darned happy sitting down to that plate. I had my butcher cut some T-bones 1&1/2" thick, then another load 2". I can't finish a whole one for dinner anymore, tho I do like having the NY side ready for a quick sanny or a steak and eggs breakfast. Who's kidding who, cutting your own steaks from a ribeye roast is the best way to go. RAY
You should be able to get 1" rare steaks with a nice crust on the outside. The bottom 2 steaks are 1" thick strip steaks cooked on an open fire grill. The top is a 1.5" Piedmont strip cooked reverse sear. The steaks were dusted with only salt prior to cooking.

Wow! how ironic. I had something like that from Santa. Mine didn't come out as good as yours though.
I made it on the griddle along with onions, sliced taters, asparugus and a little surf medely.

Best beef I've had in a long time Robert.. TY
Still is a great meal but I agree with you on the visual of the steak after the quick sear.
Thanks Cliff. Yep, this kinda reminded me of the paper thin steaks we used to get at Ponderosa Steak House when I was a kid and we'd brave the 1 hour drive into town for dinner.

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Now me on the other hand would put a little more char on the outside as I like mine med
WHAT....DID....YOU....SAY??? Quick, break out the silver bullets and wooden stakes. We have a demon in our midst :emoji_laughing: Jk of course David. Appreciate the kind words my friend....and you cook your steaks however you want buddy :emoji_wink:

The porterhouse you sent us was fabulous, however it did make more than one meal!
Thanks so much Al. They are good steaks, no doubt, but just too much if I cut them as thick as I like to cook them. you made great use of the leftovers though if I remember correctly :emoji_wink:
The salad looks fantastic, we love asparagus & will have to try your salad.
The salad was super good. I think what really set it over the top was my homemade garlic and herb infused EVOO and the spicy pepper vinegar. Not overpowering but really added a lot of depth to the flavor.

Might running the sear burner at a temp lower than 1100F help?
Nope, unfortunately it doesn't work. I've tried it. Same result, just longer to get there. The idea with this one was to flash blast the outside before the inside got over cooked. It didn't work either.

Looks good Robert, Even though ya weren't thrilled
Thanks Jim. I wasn't disappointed with the overall end product, just the visual aspect. Was still a very flavorful, juicy, and tender steak.

I get you on the thin steaks. I love mine rare and that’s near impossible with thin steaks. I love the asparagus salad. That’s very creative. Another impressive meal.
Appreciate the kind words Sven. We prefer med rare but in your situation, you'd have an even more difficult time than I had with this one. As noted to Al's reply, the salad was outstanding but what I think really set it over the top was the homemade garlic and herb infused EVOO and the spicy pepper vinegar. Not overpowering but really gave a lot of depth to the flavor.

Robert, I agree about the thin steaks. When I'm cooking them, I usually do so in a blistering hot cast iron skillet.
Thanks Charles!! I tried the skillet routine once when the weather was horrible and set off every smoke detector in the house. All the neighbors thought Tracy was attempting to cook dinner :emoji_laughing:

Saddest little filet ever on that thing /sob lol.
Well, when you're buying whole 30# primal roasts, you kinda take what God gives you and cut what you have. not gonna toss $300 worth of meat just because the filet side is smaller than what people think a porterhouse should be :emoji_wink: Was the perfect size for Tracy's dinner so it all worked out well in the end.
you could try a torch for teh outside like you would with a sou vide
Appreciate the suggestion but not necessary. That was the last of those steaks and I won't be ordering anymore.

Robert I love made stand and agree on thin steaks! Still looks great and as SmokinAl said I’m gonna have to try that salad.
Thanks Jeff. You need to make some of the garlic and herb infused EVOO then use some of your hot sauce(s) or brine for the dressing. That is what really set the salad over the top.

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My humble opinion - steaks need a very hot bed of coals / heat source to be seared correctly.
From my standpoint, that isn't opinion, it's absolute fact and I agree 100%. I would also think that 1100* is pretty hot and should get the sear but the steak was just too thin to come out as hoped.

Looks great but cook it from frozen if you want a rare center .
Thanks Mike and that thought had crossed my mind. Problem was that I got the steak out, defrosted it, then found out that Tracy was going out with the girls that evening. Steak had to wait till the next day and I didn't want to re-freeze it.

I think this thread put into words what I would have thought if I was thinking🤣
Great minds drink....errr....uhhh....think alike :emoji_laughing: I've been working on a solution to this little dilemma for a while and just decided it wasn't worth it with all the other good cuts of meat we have. No sense working that hard over one steak when numerous other options are available.
But man, that plate looks incredible and the salad sounds killer! Thank you for the informative post!
Thanks my friend. Overall meal was very good, just lacking the visual aspect.

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