My Diet Food Routine

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Great read! Fantastic inspiration. Hits close to home, too.

I told my doc in May I was stopping a medication (Metformin) I'd been taking for several years as a borderline diabetic. She agreed. Within two days I felt mentally better, clear headed, and my anxiety went away. Within a week my wife said, " Wow. You're back! I've missed you." I had no idea that the mental issues I had been having were a result of the medication.

We've been exploring weight reduction options. She talked with a work acquaintance who lost 40 lbs in 3 months by doing intermittent fasting. She only eats between 11am and 7pm with no change in the food eaten. We've started by eliminating all the after dinner foods and snacks. My weight is down by 2.5 lbs in two days! I know a plateau is coming, but we'll make the no after dinner food a part of our journey.

If I get hungry after dinner, which I do, I've got a new trick that works great. I take a small piece of biltong or beef jerky, put it in my mouth, and just suck on it until it starts to dissolve from the saliva enzymes. Takes about 10-15 minutes before I chew. That meat is only 5-7 calories and the hunger is gone for the rest of the night.

We're just starting our weight reduction journey, so thanks for the hope and inspiration.BTW, I couldn't read this whole thread when it was first posted, but I remembered it. Thanks again for sharing.
Congrats on the weight loss. That is a big deal. The cook looks great! I want to lose a few pounds, but have been holding steady for years at the same weight. Last summer I mountain biked a lot, but this summer I am still in recovery from the ankle and knee surgeries. its hard to get weight off and too easy to get it back on.
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I am thrilled with your accomplishments. Stories like this motivate me, and I am starting to believe that I, too, can achieve the same success. I have been going to the gym and eating right for a few weeks. My trainer advised me to start taking these muscle gainers: Many of you probably know about it. He says that I am losing weight very fast, and it can be bad for my skin. I don't want my skin to sag, so now I prefer strength training to cardio training.
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