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Dec 25, 2010
Rineyville, KY
Years ago when we went full time RV i sold allot of my cure equipment.

I did keep some controls and a few other items.

Soon to get back into it. Might have to get another beverage cooler.

Glad you are moving forward getting your chamber set up and running. You will like the inkbird units, easy to use. I just recalibrated my humidity controller, it was off by -3.7%RH. I did it back in June 2021 and it was time to do it again.
Are you not full time in the RV these days so have more room for the ... hobbies?
No more RVing.
Our daughter is a MSG at FT KNOX, She bought a big house on 2 acres and a full finished basement and said you and mom get outta that rv and come live with me, so we did. We had the 5th wheel taken up here, selling it in the spring.
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I used to live in Evansville, IN so very familiar with Kentucky including Ft Knox area.
Congrats to your daughter and thank her for service. E-8 should keep her there for duration
Son is E-5 (three stripe) in the Army Guard and combat medic.
I read you had some medical issues. All well with you?
Dont know how long she will stay at Knox, she is at 23 years now, she re upped to 2035.
Yeah had a small tumor on my kidney,scans and tests show they got all of it before it got bigger. Doing better and getting some motivation back to get back to things.

The little fridge is holding good temp for my upcoming make. The RH is kinda wonky so I will need to prob do the salt as my humidifier is too much for this small space.

Keeping the 600 in there until I need it.
Nice. I wish my chambers were taller.
By the time I hang an 18" sausage with string and hook, it's dragging on bottom.
Nice. I wish my chambers were taller.
By the time I hang an 18" sausage with string and hook, it's dragging on bottom.
If your salami are hanging from a grate, run the string up through the grate and pull the salami up to the grate. Now pull the string tight and hook it onto the grate so the string is vertical. Should raise the salami a bit.
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It's here. But gotta sit upright for 24 hours because the dipsticks had it on the side.

Can't wait to get back to it. Hope my coolmist is good for it.

I don't know if that is a thing anymore that you have leave it 24 hours before plugging it in.
But then I'm a "glass is 3/4 empty guy", so I leave it the 24 hours.
The sealed compressors don’t get the flood out of oils as the older stuff
I think many brand recommend letting stand unplugged for a couple hours after moving
Yeah I’m old school and find a 24 hour wait a good practice is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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