My chicken was a little dry... Help?

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by hutty, Aug 12, 2013.

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    Ok so I smoked my first whole chicken yesterday. I read a few tips from here here and I did soak my chicken in a brine for like 6 hours then stuffed him with a mix of orange slices, lemon slices, olive oil and salt and pepper. I injected him with orange, lemon juice and olive oil mixture then a chicken rub ( store bought pre-made). Then I put him on the smoke. I averaged 220 degrees to 290 degrees for about 5 hours. I grill a lot but this is honestly my first smoking experience he was edible and yummy but the Brest did seem a little dry. I have a Brinkmann 5 burner grill with a small propane smoker. I used hickory chips and kept the water res. full. I posted pics of the bird earlier but here they are again and a pic of the smoker/grill. Thanks y'all any help or input is appreciated and will be pit to good use! [​IMG]
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    Not sure why these didn't show up on the first post. Thanks again! Hutty.
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  4. 6 hrs brines might wanted to do an over night brine, make sure your use salt in the brine as well, I personally use sea salt for my brine, never comes out dry, my fav is big waynes bbq smoked sea salt, give it a try , should be able to google it.
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    I was wondering about that. That was my fault. I had the bright idea about 7am "hey I'm gonna smoke a chicken today". Lol. Next time I'm going to try a longer brine. And I will give the sea salt a shot! Thanks Smokin'
  6. What was the IT of the breast when you pulled it off? Smoking meat is more about internal temperature, than cooking time. The breast or thigh should be 160° when you pull it off the smoker and then let it rest and the carry over cooking will take it to 165°+.

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  8. c farmer

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    I never brine my chicken and they are VERY moist.
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    You had me at 5 hours! Brining has nothing to do with moisture unless it's a bird that hasn't been soaked in a solution already. If it hasn't been a 2-3 hour brine is fine.

    The longer your bird has been in the cooker is longer moisture will evaporate. All my birds cook over 300 and the come out dripping wet... and I NEVER brine! My 6 lb birds take a whopping 90-120 minutes. 5 hours is way way too long unless it's a super huge bird. My turkeys don't cook that long.
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    But he doesnt have the super smoker.
  11. Love you guys, but I too never brined, tried it once and won't cook poultry without brining it, to each his own, props for getting a juicy bird with no brine...
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    So what I'm seeing here is it was on too long. My IT was 180. Like I said this was my first attempt. But def not my last.
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    I was going on info I read. I read that some cooked their 4lb birds for 4 hours. So I cooked my 7.5 lb bird for 5. Should have check temp I guess.
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    Hutty just stick with 165 IT In the thickest part and cook over 300..325 is perfect.
  15. The times people post is just to help give a rough estimate to help with planning your meal.

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  16. tonybel

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    I do my whole chicken @ 275-300 for about 1 hour and 45 min.
    I never brined but its something I need to try.
  17. fwismoker

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    Tony if you have a wsm then take out the water pan and put your bird right on the grate and cook @ 325..thank me later.
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    I agree that it was on there a long time.  Mine usually take around 1.5-2.5 hrs at around 275-300.  take to 165-170 in the thickest part.  I also cut out the backbone and press it out flat (this is called spatchcocking if you are not familiar with it).  

    I also at one time said I would never brine and now that is the only way I prefer to do it.  I like 12-24 hrs for my yard birds but they have been in for up to 36 hrs before with no noticeable effect.  There are many ways to do it but this is what works for me.

    Hope this helps
  19. hutty

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    Thanks y'all. A lot of info. I will give this another shot and relay my results.
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    Just to give you something else to process...

    My hens are usually around 5 lb.  I brine them and smoke them whole for 4.5 to 5 hrs at 240.

    They turn out good for me, but I usually pull my chicken.

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