My 1st attempt at pulled pork

Discussion in 'Pork' started by bullitt5339, Jun 7, 2014.

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    Being transplanted into Southeast NC about 10 years ago, both my boys and I have been in love with Carolina pulled pork for years, so after buying my smoker 3 weeks ago and successfully smoking 2 of the best racks of ribs I've ever had, 2 chickens, 2 pork loins and a batch of smoked salmon, I felt confident enough to move up to a larger piece of meat and I'm doing an 8 pound Butt today. It's been in for 2 hours so far and I'm already hungry.

    here's what I started with:

  2. geerock

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    Well, Carolina sure is pork country. Pork butts are actually pretty easy. You can undercook or overcook a bit, bark or no bark, sauce no sauce...... still good. Its very forgiving. Looks like you got a good start on it. Keep in mind that large pieces like that can take higher heat. You're looking at probably 12 to 16 or more hours between cook time and rest. So if you want eat today don't feel bad about getting that cook temp up.
  3. bullitt5339

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    Yeah, I decided to sleep in this morning and didn't get it started until around 7:30, so this will probably be my midnight snack and then lunch tomorrow for everyone.

    It's the weekend and my time to relax, so I'm not really in any hurry. It gives me time to sit outside until I get bored and then head into my little wood shop and play around.
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    You sure got the right attitude, buddy. Whatever will be, will be. Enjoy the day.
  5. blacklab

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    Smoking is like fishing kick, back relax have a drink and enjoy the day [​IMG]
  6. Post more PICS!!!   I wanna see that bark encrusted beauty.   [​IMG]
  7. bullitt5339

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    7 hours in and I think we've hit a bit of a stall.  The temp has been stuck at around 150* for the past hour.

    Must be patient.....  Must be patient......
  8. bullitt5339

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    9 hours and it just hit 160. Almost time to wrap it. Normally I wouldn't really care much about the time, but I just heard thunder, so I'm worried that this parade may get rained out. I'm hoping that it doesn't hit us, but if it does, I will have to finish it in the oven since I put the smoker out in the yard. Lesson learned, keep it under some overhead cover.

    It's looking good though. I'll put some pictures up when it comes out to be wrapped.

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