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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by alaska, Sep 6, 2013.

  1. alaska

    alaska Meat Mopper

    After reading some of the post and prior to squeezing the trigger on the plasma cutter I need some knowledge! I live here in Alaska and I don't stop grilling on the HomeDepot special regardless of the weather. Now that I am hooked on building a RF (see I have learned a little lingo already) I need some feedback on my build. I have an 80 gallon air tank, label on the side says Champion Oil Less.

    1. The temperature here pretty soon will drop to -42 degrees. What problems can I expect to have?

    2. Should I ditch the tank and go with a squared double wall type similar to an Ice Bin design I saw on a post that I can insulate?

    3. Been married for 28yrs. Would any you back me up if I told her some of you said it was OK to bring it inside when the temperature got to a certain point?


  2. You can always try a few welding blankets and cover the unit as best as possible, keep  fueling with wood.  -42 that's crazy, but when you love BBQ weather is no problem. Good luck stay warm
  3. daveomak

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    Jerome, morning.....  I would build something that was amenable to being insulated easily, and lots of it....  Firebox, Cook Chamber and stack....   Maybe a fan forced temp controller made specifically for BBQ's/Smokers....    And build and install under cover to keep the snow off of it...  a warm smoker that has been shut down, then it snows......   Ice frozen doors and controls...    And build it in a bear proof enclosure... HAHAHAHAHAHA....  bear proof..... that's funny......       Dave
  4. alaska

    alaska Meat Mopper

    Thanks Dave...I deffinately have some thinking to do! Bear Proof, you are more right than you think. My son use to raise a couple pigs for fun and when it came time to kill them we had to place the guts in a couple trash cans destined for the dump the next afternoon after I got off work. I got a call from my neighbor that I better get home quick due to a couple bears hanging out. 
  5. no you cant bring it inside your wife will get mad at the slime the smoke will put on widows and ash`s on the floor maby she will let you build a shed to put it in simalar to summer kitchens they had in 1800`s
  6. Man I cant begin to tell you how to smoke in that cold weather but I can tell you the tighter you make the smoker, and the thicker the steel in the well is the better off it can handle the weather...If that helps at all..

  7. Army surplus wool blankets over the tank will make it cook like its July. I live in Northern Wisconsin and it aint much different here. Unless you are in Barrow. I cook all winter. The colder the better. It is wind that is your enemy. Air tight and a little insulation will go a long way. But you do not have to double build the thing. If you want a reverse flow stick burner, you will need to tend to it all the way through anyway. Half the fun of a reverse flow. Getting to know her and her habits. Insulate the firebox. Save money and use heat proof blankets. Wool or pay for a welding blanket. Way cheaper and your cooker will not way 3 tons.
  8. alaska

    alaska Meat Mopper

    I am going to make my first RF using an 80gal compressor tank.
  9. thsmormonsmokes

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    If you've got bears in the area, why wouldn't having the smoker out there constantly invite bears in?  Once you've run one or two good smokes through it, it's going to be sending out the Q smells full time.  At least to a bear's nose.  I mean, on a warm day I can smell my smoker from almost 20 yards away if the wind is right.  
  10. alaska

    alaska Meat Mopper

    Mr Smokes.....Don't get me wrong, this is Alaska and there are a number of areas that bears frequent. We have bears in the city due to bird feeders or trashcans just as much as we have those that will climb through your window to grab a PB&J sandwich. Those of you who have ever come to Alaska to fish may recall a place called the Russian River.... talk about bears. One thing about some areas the bears are attracted to the sound of a rifle discharging.... BBQ backstrap, now thats good eating!
  11. This is my rig the main chamber is made out of 1/2 thick steel and the door is tight the weather does not affect it very much...

    I have always wanted to try BBQ bear meat...

    Once you get the smoker done sounds like it will supply you with fresh meat on a regular basis...


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  12. mike johnson

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    I think you could solve the temp problem by building a small shed around the smoker. Once the smoker is lit the ambient temp inside the shed will warm drastically.

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