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Original poster
May 26, 2007
land of cheese and Packers
I also found this site by accident. Found it while looking to see if I can convert a horizontal gas grill to a smoker. Yes I can, but that's a different thread. Never tried smoking meat before, but I love meat and I love to play with fire
. I know I'm gonna learn alot thru this site. Hope everyone has a good Memorial Day!!
welcome to smf, be sure to sign up for jeff's ecourse.......and have a great holiday as well!!!! (just got done pulling my pork roast and almost done simmering the bbq sauce....some more beer then maybe a nap before the rest of the fixings need be done for the afternoon!!!!)
Welcome aboard! Lot of knowledge here, friendly folks. Share what you know, feel free to ask about what you don't know. Oh, and post pics of your smoking escapades.
Welcome to the forum greaseman. I hope you continue to visit with us here, share your adventures, ask questions, or simply use the valuable knowledge found here. Just have fun. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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