more snacksticks with qview

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Feb 10, 2009
Well i can't help it i'm addicted to snacksticks so i had to make more. I use hi mountain seasonings and cure flavor was sweet& spicy. After all my trouble trying to get them stuffed( you can check my other threads if ya want to see that)i ended up using the 21mm casings instead of the 19mm that i wanted but thats ok. I smoked in my mes30 raising the temp every every hour starting from 110 to 240 to finally finish them the sticks with a IT of 159. For smoke i used cherry&wine barrel dust,it was a good combo they smell great. The flavor is good but i think the need a little more of it,they are kinda weak in my opinion,have to kick them up if i make this flavor again! The smoke flavor was outstanding! Love the amns, thing works like a charm! It was also my first time to try out my new maverick et-732,but i'll make another thread about that. Here's some pics---LES

All stuffed and ready to go,time to get that maverick out and ready.


In the smoker about 3 hours in.they are packed in there pretty good,i'm going to have to build some hanging racks.


And a shot of the maverick et-732


Finally the finished product.


We'll have to see if these ones last longer than the last batch...yeah right who am i kidding!!! 15lbs. of snacksticks will be mostly gone after i give some to my family,friends and neighbors..oh and my butcher!!! Oh well on to the next set!!!

Now I really like the snack sticks too and my wife eats 2-3 everyday when she gets home in the evening. Now the ones that you have there look awesome and I know that they will be good too. I have also used that kit before many times. Now I don't have any rods either so I had a bunch of small S hooks and I just tie the sticks together and then hook the sting and then hook them to the top rack . See the hooks on top. Now this is in my Gosm that's all I use it for is sausage, bacon

Looking real good Les.

Glad that things worked.

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