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Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by smokerrookie, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. Well here's another update....these are some photos of us working a couple of weeks ago....will have somemore tomorrow of everything we did today.
  2. earache_my_eye

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    Am I missing sumpin here? pics!!......thats it......hehe

    would love to see some tho...[​IMG]
  3. I'm trying to upload them, but its telling me they are to big, will have some when I figure out how to resize them, anyone with suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. walking dude

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    your software that came with your camera should be able to help in this area..........

    when i dl the pics to my computer.........i dble click on em so i can edit em

    here i can crop, and enhance........then i save them, using the save as..... option..........

    here you can name the em to a seperate file on your desktop.....and save em best for web.......

    i use image shack to post pics here........i HAD a tutorial on it here......but it got "LIBERATED" somehow...........

    but if you save em best for web........that saves em for the correct size........try not to use the thumbnail option.......then we have to click on em to enlarge.......if you save best for can have the pic the perfect size in the post.......

    kinda like this


    hope this helps

  5. Here maybe this is it, still having trouble not getting them to show up as attached....i'm not sure how to get them to do, like yours walking dude.
  6. walking dude

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    i use imageshack.......its free.......and you can upload unlimited images.......

    after you upload the copy the first line of the "embedded code"........

    then paste it in the body of your post
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    pic's are comming through, cool looking smoker u building rookie
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    the rig is looking good so far........good job.........
  9. Hope this works
    Took a cherry picker to level it out to make sure it fit over the box
    It fit, the opening for the smoke, buddy cut it out and bent it back with a crowbar.

    front view of it level and how it will sit.
    thats me in the coverall's. that i-beam isn't their anymore.
    This is an old small camper trailer we are using.

    Laying out the hinges on the box, making sure it will open
    It does.
    That's my buddy steven, its his shop we are working in.
    [​IMG]This is the was we have it mounted
  10. [​IMG]
    another view, we added even more supports after this pic was taken, and took out the small middle ones
    I had no idea I was posing for this shot, guess I was. their is one of the doors laying on the frame.
    My buddy thought we needed an S.O.S.O sign on it, it was a long day, I was starting to believe him.
    Just the box sitting their, we might have made it a little bigger than we needed, but oh well.
  11. walking dude

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    there you go dude.........just gave you points for your effort........nice build going on........cant wait for the q-view coming off that bad boy
  12. walking dude

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    don't under stand the temp gauge on the firebox tho.........

    its not really needed..........keep up with the temps in the smoking area.....that will let you know temps in the fire box
  13. thanks for the help walking dude....Its more finished than these pics show, these are from about 2 weeks ago. Actually have everything done but putting a smoke stack on and putting in my drain pipe for the grease. Its mounted to the trailer, all my racks are in, box in mounted to the tank. I just need to finish those other two things and season the tank and should be ready to go in about two weeks. I'll upload some more photos after this weekend. I've got three temp guages. Two in the doors of the smoker.
  14. Oh and by my best estimate, I think I'll be able to smoke 16 slabs of ribs, also I think I'll max out about around the same amount on boston butts. This is with my current configuration, I'm gonna smoke with this for a while and then later gonna try and add a top couple of racks.

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