MMM MMMM Short Ribs

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Feb 13, 2006
Chillicothe MO
The boy and I fired up the smoker again this weekend. The weather wasn't bad so we figured why not throw in the beef short ribs our buddy gave us. We decided to use a modifed 3-2-1, here's what happend:

I trimmed some excess fat off and belive me with these ribs there's plenty left. Then sprinkled on some seasoning salt and fresh cracked pepper. Onto the smoker they went for 2 hours. I'm not sure what the smoke combo was this weekend but maybe the boy will chime in on that. After 2 hours I wrapped the ribs in aluminum foil and poured in some McCormicks Garlic and Peppercorn Marinade. Then it was back to the smoker for another 2 hours. I went out to remove from the foil and they were so tender the bones were falling out, I was sure this was going to be the best short ribs I'd ever had. We put them back in the smoker to firm up for the last hour and I went inside to fry up some potatoes and docter some beans. Took the ribs of and they smelled so good, all was very exciting until I took that first bite. They were tough! I couldn't belive it. The taste was wonderful, no complaints on that department but they were so tough and chewy I almost needed a steak knife to cut them. The only thing I can figure is that the last hour really firmed them up. So we figure that next time we will eat right after the 2 hour foil stage and maybe leave them on for 2.5 during the first stage. Other than the toughness the smoke was a successful one and I can't wait for the next weekend we're able to do it again.
yo jl99,
maybe you should get a thermometer
and check temps.

i smoke thin cuts of meat [1 inch]

my unit runs at about 225 degrees.

and usually around 3 hrs i check the temp.
Lady J-If the bone were falling out I think I would have called it good and pulled 'em out of the smoker. Let 'em rest 15-2- minutes to redistribute the jucies and eat 'em up. You may want to get thermometer that you can put in the meat before you start smoking them. A lot of good info on the subject in the "Thermometer thread".
I actually do have a pretty good digital themomater that we use when we smoke. The only reason that we didn't use it this time is there was not a real good spot to probe on these ribs without hitting the bone or a fat deposit (which would cause inacurate readings). I think your right though, we should have taken them out when they were falling off the bones. Just a good lesson so we can improve the next time. I chopped the leftovers up and I'm going to do chopped beef sandwiches with that sometime this week. That should be pretty good.
Well, it ought to be easier to chew!! :mrgreen:
yo jl99,

i live on limited income---
use that meat--
i must eat my mistakes.

most overdone or tough meats at my house
uually end up as 'chopped bbq' or tacos
I agree Larry. The meat did taste wonderful after all, just a bit tough. So it's going to be simmered in some BBQ sauce and served up on some nice warm homemade bread. It will be even better the second time around I'm sure.
J, not sure I'd agree.........even with the bones falling from the meat, it sounds more to me that you had yet to break down the connective tissue and collogen of the meat. Beef reacts differently than pork. Thermos, IMHO, are somewhat useless when it comes to ribs........sight and texture are more positive indicators.

Let us know how your experimentation goes.

I've cooked beef ribs only a time or two so I'm no expert. What I've heard others say is that beef ribs are indeed much different than pork, in that they don't cook them near as long. This is the meat that sits right next to the Prime Rib cut of beef and is the very same quality of beef and has the same marbling of fat. Sometimes it's tough to find good meaty beef ribs because meat cutters like to remove as much for the Prime Rib roast as possible because they can get a higher price for the meat.

That said, other folks tell that they cook the ribs similar to how they would their steak, grill it over a high heat to medium doneness or however you prefer your steaks.

I've heard of folks cooking them low-n-slow with good results too. Bones will fall out when the meat begins to shrink if they are "shiners", meaning there is little meat and the bones are exposed in area. In this case there isn't enough meat to hold on to the bone and it will fall out before the meat is tender.

Well that's more than I know so I'll quit typing now.
hopefully my new butcher guru--dutch / aka earl-d
will answer this question??
[hes also the welcome guy]

is beef short ribs and beef ribs the same thing??

what cut of meat do they come from??
Larry and Bob-

The short ribs and beef ribs come from the plate. The plate is the rib bones that are left when the rib primal has been removed. The rib primal is where the rib roasts and rib steaks come from.

The portion of the plate that is closest to the rib primal is used for the short ribs and is cut into 2 - 3 inch strips. The remaining plate is sold as beef ribs or is boned out and ground. Braising is the perfered method of cooking short ribs.
Hi There Lady J

Hi There Larry Maddock

Here is a photo of Beef Short Ribs...

This is a recipe that I have used many times for short ribs which are fatty but very delicious!

1/4 Cup your favorite mustard (I use Grey Poupon)

1/4 Cup Olive Oil

Juice of a whole lemon

4-5 Tablespoons of chopped fresh parsley

1/2 teaspoon Garlic Powder

1/2 teaspoon Onion Powder

freshly ground black pepper

4-5 pounds Beef Short Ribs

Mix mustard,oil,lemon juice,parsley,garlic powder,onion powder and pepper beating mixture thoroughly.

Coat ribs with the mixture in a bowl and cover and refridgerate for at least 4 hours but better overnight

Wrap the ribs and marinade in loosely wrapped foil package and place in your 220 degree smoker until they fall apart...4-5 hours

This is a good thing to do to when you are into a long smoke as in pork shoulders it will be done long before the shoulders and it is a small project to do alone in your smoker

Lady J After reading your post I'm thinking that when you took the package out to add the Garlic and Peppercorn Marinade two things may have occured..

If the marinade was cold it would have stopped the cooking process temporarily and set you back another hour hour or two and just removing the package at all will slow down the cooking process..

Also next time don't trim your ribs of fat..the fat renders and bastes the ribs which helps the cooking process. this way when you are finished much of the fat will be in the bottom of your foil package...Therebye achieving what you originally intended by trimming.

As Brother Earl suggested short ribs are perfect for braising which is simply cooking in liquid..Cooking the ribs in the marinade of your choice inside of the foil is one method of i don't think it helped with this particular cut to take them out of the foil...

These puppies have a charge of meat on them and need to cook for awhile :)

Just my two cents :>)

ranger72 :D

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