Mini WSM Ready for Baseball Season

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Looks awesome, got about all my parts just waiting on bits and pieces now then I will begin my build.  Had to put the tamale pot to use this past weekend making tamales before I cut it up though.  lol

A two foot high piece of reflectix seamed with foil tape. 

Drop the  steamer diffuser  in and you're off and running.  If it's cold and windy you can use a reflectix sleeve like this.  It will let you run the mini and all weather conditions and save fuel.  No need for any thermal mass like a pot.

Here's a tip for lighting your basket.... It's a 1-2-3  process.

First take your left over fuel from prior cook

Secondly just shake out the ash and shove the leftover stacking from most burnt to least burnt.

Then add new... When you light just light the partial burnt on the edge and add smoking wood.   You'll get good smoke and consistent burns /heat.  Good luck with your new mini!
SO when painting with the vinyl sticker on your pot did you have to remove it as son as painting was done or did you wait for it to dry?
Details?  Looks like mine, a mini uds. 
You need to wait until the paint is completely dry and cured or the paint will pull away from the surface along with the vinyl. 

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