Mini Patio RF Build

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It's looking good so far Ledhead!  You do nice work..
^ Thanks, been enjoying working on this project
That will be it untill next week. I am going to pick up some wheels and paint this weekend. Might be a long shot but i am hoping to have it operational next weekend.

Still a bunch to do,

- Make cooking grates

- Make RF Plate

- Weld fire box to cook chamber

- Make air inlet/baffle for fire box

- Make fire box grate

- Install chimney

- Finish Stand and make a work shelf
Didn't get as much accomplished this week as i had hoped, not close to being functional yet.

Did some work last night and tonight, made the air inlet for the fire box and damper (still needs a handle) got the hinge welded on. 


Started the RF plate and got most of it finished. Started with a flat piece of steel cut to fit. It is tapered so it slopes away from the fire box by about 2 degrees. I used some 1" angle to make some grease trough (if that's what you call them) s to help keep the flow. This turned into about a 7 beer project getting all the angles right. But i am happy how it turned out. Keeps the same 2 degree slope from fire box end to the drain the sides slope into the middle at about 4 degrees and about a 4 degree slope on the end piece. Still have to finish welding and make the drain. I'll probably wait to burn the plate into the cook chamber until i burn out both tanks.



Next will be getting the chimney cut in and installed.
Little more work tonight,

Finished welding up the RF Plate, still needs to be welded in the smoker, but I'm going to wait to burn out the tank first. Cut the chimney in and welded it in place. Added a door stop made out of one of the old tank brackets. 


Added a handle to the air inlet on the fire box. I am looking for a small spring to use in between the two washers under the wing nut. I am hoping that will apply enough pressure to keep the baffle where i want it.


Also started on the charcoal basket, little info on it here

Its going to be an open basket with an 1" angle frame. I am going to make removable panels (green and red parts) that will turn it into a charcoal maze. If i get some time tomorrow i should be able to finish it up.

Small update, finished the charcoal basket/charcoal maze, didn't spend too much time on the fit and finish, i am not too sure how well it will work so if its a bust i won't have wasted too much time.

That's fantastic work. I really the stack cut into the tank like you have done.

Its hard to say on the maze, a hot fire may jump under the wall.

If it does not work out, maybe you can try something like this.
I had the fire jump issues, really bad.
I ended up building a water pan sort of thing, and it works fantastic.

^ When you had fire jump issues did you have double dividers, so there is an airspace?

That's a good point, never though of the fire jumping under. Learning as i go, and won't know if it works until i light it up. If it doesn't work no big loss, i don't have much more then an hour fab time in the charcoal basket. I might also make just a regular flat grate to go in the fire box too give me another option.

No updates for tonight's work, did a little trimming of the maze panels so they slide in and out easier. Also, had some fun with the plasma cutter making some more pieces for the frame . 

Still a lot to do but the to do list is getting shorter. Hopefully get some decent weather this weekend and i can burn out the tanks.
Still a bunch to do,

- Make cooking grates

- Make RF Plate - done

- Weld fire box to cook chamber

- Make air inlet/baffle for fire box - done

- Make fire box grate (charcoal basket) - done

- Install chimney - done

- Finish Stand and make a work shelf

- Weld in RF Plate and drain tube
No I did not have the double plates like you have. 

And I am not sure that it jumped under actually. It may have gotten the steel so hot that it let the coals just light from the heat. 
Did a little work on the cart, all that’s left on it in making a work shelf and get some decking to use for the bottom shelf. On the one end that will be under the fire box I made a storage area for the charcoal basket and/or fire grate.  The bottom is made out of expanded steel and the sides out of steel plate. This will give me a safe spot to put anything that’s a few hundred degrees o I don’t burn any more holes in my lawn or deck. Had a little fun with the Plasma cutter and made some more bacon for the sides.



Also made just a regular fire grate to give me another option for building a fire. Turned out pretty good, for making it from material from my scrap box.


I sure like the looks of the coal grate you made. The only thing to make it any better would have been if you had all that scrap in stainless.

Still looks fantastic.

Nice work.
^^ Stainless would be nice!, if only i had the means $$ and the ability to work with it everything i make would have been made out of stainless!
It starting to take shape, haven't had much time the last few days, but i cleaned up a few things, filled some unneeded holes and welded the firebox onto the main chamber.


The too do list is getting shorter! and the weather is getting warmer, i am going to be tied up the next few weekends but should be smoking the beginning of April.

To do:

- Make cooking grates

- Make Rain cap for the chimney

- Burn out Tanks

- Weld in RF Plate and drain tube

- Finish Stand and make a work shelf

Anybody have any interesting ideas for a rain cap since it is right at eye level? I have a 2.5" flapper like they use on tractors that i rigged to stay open but i looks too cheesy....even for a smoker with bacon handle..
Two weeks without and update!....not that there has been much to update!

Burned a few cooking grates together, one is about 17"x14" the other is 17"x11"


Turned out to be a nice day today so i dragged it out of the garage and started a nice hot fire to take care of any nasty’s


In the home stretch now, only a few things to do before i can season it and starting smoking

To do:

- Make cooking grates- done

- Make RF Plate - done

- Burn out Tanks-  done

- Weld fire box to cook chamber- done

- Make air inlet/baffle for fire box - done

- Make fire box grate (charcoal basket) - done

- Install chimney - done

- Finish Stand and make a work shelf

- Weld in RF Plate and drain tube

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