Mike (The Gun Guy) here in Illinois.

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Original poster
Oct 31, 2016
I have always played around with smooking meat, but I have now built My first heavy duty smoker. Smoked some baby backs this past weekend.
Welcome to the forum Mike!  That looks like a serious smoker, putting out some nice Q!  Those ribs look great!  I would use a mild wood for whole chickens, they absorb smoke.  

I will prob use apple, i was gunna put em up on beer cans for the moisture and prob just rub em down with salt and pepper.
I cook only on wood so I am trying to learn the smoker to before I jump into some brisket and I can t wait.
Apple sounds like a good choice.  Chickens are better with higher smoke temps, about 300 to 325 but the skin might still be tough and rubbery.  The meat itself will be juicy if cooked to 165 in the breast.  Hope it comes out great!

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