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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by ronp, Sep 28, 2009.

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    I'm reading this with interest because I can't see through my MES's window at all, and the light's glass cover is also blacked out!

    I was gonna hit 'em with oven cleaner.

    I'll try the razor blade thingamajig, but I'm really not afraid of using the appropriate "chemicals".  If you analyzed what was in the wood smoke we all love, it'd make you cringe!!!!  Talk about a laundry list of known carcinogens.  [​IMG]

    I wonder how well some good old Everclear might work.  Just avoid sparks or flame!   And if you happen to absorb some, well.   [​IMG]
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    The one we have at work we use the razor blade, then some vodka to get the thin film that is left. I will usually wipe with a clean towel with water to get the last little bit if needed........ I look at it as it is a smoker and does not need to be crystal clear, but that is me.......
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    The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works really well. I just wet it and go over the window with it, then I squeeze it out and go over the window again. Everything comes right off and I can use the eraser over and over again. Best three bucks I've ever spent on a cleaning product! I use a steel brush on the inside every now and again but then go over everything with the eraser just to be anal, but that's a different topic :)
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  4. I use a solvent base cleaner/degreaser by Spartan Chemicals called SC-200.  It is a "butyl" based cleaner that contains 2-Butoxyethanol, or "butyl" as it is called in the industrial cleaning industry.  It also contains several other aggressive cleaning ingredients.

    SC-200 is very aggressive on grease, protein, smoke accumulation, and fire smut.  This type of cleaner is used by companies that specialize in cleaning up fire and smoke damage.  

    I use SC-200 to clean my gas smoker grates, glass fireplace doors, car detailing, cleaning baseboards and doors, carpet spotter, and as an all purpose general use cleaner and degreaser around the house and shop.  It is safe on most fabrics and painted surfaces but I do suggest you wear gloves if you have to get your hands wet with SC-200.  It will not burn you like oven cleaner but is very aggressive on oils and proteins and will give you a bad case of dermatitis if not rinsed off quickly.  It really dries out your skin.

    SC-200 will etch glass if allowed to dry completely so don't use in the hot sun.  SC-200 will also damage anodized aluminum finishes.  The procedure it to spray it on, let it sit for short period of time, brush or wipe, then rinse.  Repeat as necessary.  

    When I clean my glass fireplace doors I remove them and take them outside to a shady location.  It's fun to spray SC-200 on fireplace smut and smoke covered glass and watch the gunk run off right before your eyes without even touching it.  Most of the time just spraying SC-200 on and hosing it off a few minutes later is all it takes.  I clean the grates on my Master Forge gasser with SC-200 by soaking them overnight in a solution of SC-200.  I tried oven cleaner but SC-200 does a better job.  After 2 years of heavy use my gasser grates look practically factory new. 

    A gallon of SC-200 concentrate cost $13 at my local chemical formulator/industrial cleaning supplies company.  My RTU (ready to use) working solution is a pint of SC-200 to a gallon of water (8:1).  One gallon of concentrate makes 8 gallons of ready to use product.  I use a slightly stronger concentration when I soak my grates.  There are many other brands of butyl cleaners. If SC-200 is not available locally check with your local chemical formulator or industrial cleaning supply company for a comparable product.  
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    Here is the answer............magic clean eraser..........get it wet.........wipe right will be amazed!!!!!
  6. I bought a cleaner concentrate at dollar general thats called "Awsome" ............... works really well ........... for lots of things besides cleaning the smoke off the window
  7. I use bowl of water and a little bit of dawn dish soap while the window is still hot with a scrub type pad the wife had. take a little elbow grease but comes right off, start at the bottom and work your way up. then rise with clean water and wipe dry.
  8. What happens to the rest of the seasoning in the cooker??
  9. What do you use the vodka for? Fogging  the vision so there is no film on the window!!
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    I got the idea from one of my smoke guns. It said to run Brandy through it to clean out the resin. So I figured it would work on the glass as well. It works very well.
  11. Another thread said spray the shelves with Pam to make them easier cleaning.  Would this work on the window?
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    Never tried it. But I think it will create more of a mess based on the residue I see baked on pans I have used it on. The spots that have food no issues, but the areas that did not get this baked on mess that I have not figured how to get it off.
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    Ditto csparker on Mr. Clean Majic Erasure for the window.
    For the grates I bought a cheap plastic tub and soak them for 24 hours.
  14. I agree. Used it. Guess what/ It really works.

  15. How many times do you smoke before cleaning the window?  I smoked once then cleaned the window with ash, paper towel and water.  It came off easy.  Next time I smoked 4 times and using the same method it was a bear. 

    I will start another thread asking about how any times before cleaning>
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    I've never had a problem with the ash method and there's been times where I let the window get thick with smoke film. Razor blade combined with the ash method is best when it gets nasty thick.
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  17. Did not use razor blade.  Just a single edge blade!
  18. I use common old garden variety spray-on oven cleaner.  Have used several brands with no difference noted.  Quick spray and wait a bit and it wipes clean with just a few paper towels. Takes maybe 30 seconds of effort.  No problem at all.  I have cleaned it with a month's baked on grime or one use and there is no difference except more goop runs down the front to wipe away when there is a lot of stuff there. I don't clean the inside walls, but the racks clean pretty easy with the same stuff.
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    Never cleaned my plywood smokehouse - it's the soot that holds it together, lol!
  20. Try scraping with a razor blade with a handle on it.  works magnificently.  I doubted it till I tried . Now I am convinced!!

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