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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by bg rtr, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. Smoked ribs this weekend and I got shocked every time I touched a metal part of the smoker. It wasn't really strong but has me concerned.
  2. I would say, DO NOT use it at all if it's not plugged into a GFI outlet. you either need to call MES if it's still in warranty, or else do some digging in the back to see where it's leaking. Probably some worn/frayed insulation somewhere. Either way, this is nothing to screw around with. If you can feel it, it's fully capable of ruining your day or worse. (You'll be the smoking meat..)

    Please, do not take this lightly-

  3. bearcarver

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    What Mark said !!!

    Unless you have your smoker in the house & you're walking on carpet.

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    Yeah, most likely a bent or crimped wire inside. Be sure it's unplugged if you decide to open it.

    (I know that doesn't seem like it needs to be said, but you'd be surprised.)
  5. Thx. Failed to mention that the extension cord wasn't grounded. Could this be the cause?
  6. That makes it much, much worse/dangerous-  Now YOU ARE THE GROUND. Please , try a good grounded cord in a GFI. If it trips you know you've got a problem.

  7. Smoker is out of warranty. Any experience with master built covering things like this?
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    [​IMG]   Always try the simplest fixes first.
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    Bet you were barefoot or on wet ground
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    Warranty or not, MES will be panicking becuase this could be a multi-million dollar design liability case against them. They will take immediate action, if you tell them.

    Water, Salt and carbon are very good electrical conductors. Check all around and see if there is built up from your cooking or cleaning around electrical components.

  12. You are right I was barefooted
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    Get a circuit tester to check polarity on the circuit and use a grounded cord....... 

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  14. The likely cause is in the element where the wire has warped to the sheath. Normally this would trip a GFCI or feed the leak through the ground until it gets bad enough to trip the breaker. Without a ground if it gets bad enough it will likely kill or injure someone touching it.  the dangerous thing is that it doesn't take a big jolt to get your heart fibrillating and put you minutes away from death..
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    Hey Dave,

    I tried 4 times today to PM you. All 4 times it said "Conversation from Me to Myself", instead of "Conversation between me & DaveOmak".

    I have no problem PMing anyone else.

  16. I'll bet they say you're gettin a new smoker. Shame the MES is showing signs of poor QA.
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