MES or similar smoker available in Europe?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by nizztos, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. nizztos

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    Not sure if everyone here is north american or if there are any europeans lurking here but maybe someone knows about this.

    I'm looking for an insulated electric smoker. Where I live, in Sweden, the only one I can find is Bradley. I might go for that if I could find just the cabinet but they all seem to come with the smoke generator that I don't like. I want to go the a-maze-n route.

    My requirements are for both cold smokes and hot smokes all the way up to 250ish (for pulled pork). I might get better BBQ from my WSM but I only have space for one smoker and I dont fancy doing cold smokes in the WSM (especially winter time), so this one would replace the WSM.

    Does anyone know if the Masterbuilt can be had in Europe? Any similar brands that does exist here, apart from the Bradley?

    Failing that does anyone know of a retailer of the MES in the US that will ship to Europe? Would be truly expensive shipping (+ customs and taxes) but pretty sure it would still be less expensive than the basic Bradley as they start at aprox $650, for the Original, here.

    Thanks in advance
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  2. michael ark

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    Sounds like a fridge build might be cheaper.[​IMG]
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  4. nizztos

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    I had discarded the fridge build early on due to the fact that I can pretty  much only find "modern" houshold fridges here. I.e thin metal shell and plastic inside. Possibly I should rethink this as I would at least get a base to work from. Think I will create a new post in the build forum to ask about my options there.
    Thanks, I will take a look at those. I take it those are not MES but similar in construction? All I care about really.


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