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Dec 26, 2016
Wanting to get a masterbuilt 40, I know I want a gen 1 or 2.5, but seems like there's a million different models out there. What's the difference between them all. Looking at 20070115, and the 40 sportsman elite. Besides the window that everyone can't keep clean what's the difference? Or is there a different model 40 you like?
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Look at the Smoke Hollow Smoke Tronix.  Also a 40" unit.  Not had mine for very long.....but so far I've yet to regret buying it over the MES.

I've read through bears article, are the 20070115 and sportsman elite both 2.5 gen?
The differences in MES 40 Gen #2.5 are things like "4 racks or 6 racks", "Legs or no legs", and maybe some other smaller differences.

The important thing is to get the Gen 2.5, and not the Gen #2.

The Gen #2 has a Slanted Drip plate above the Heating element, that is higher on the right than the left, and has a small water pan hanging from the left side. That's the one you should avoid.

I gave up tracking Model numbers years ago. I only go by what the individual MES has or doesn't have.

This should help you tell them apart:

MES Generation Number Recognition Pictures & Pics (Digital Units)

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